Russian tanks would be a nightmare for NATO if World War III erupts


MOSCOW, Russia – In the event of a World War III, the Russian Army will soon crush NATO forces in Europe, warns Petri Maekelae, who specializes in analyzing warfare techniques in Russia and Scandinavia in the Daily Star newspaper.

The expert particularly highlights the powerful Russian army tank , which, in his view, far outweighs the capabilities of the Alliance countries.

He notes that Russian tank units are very diverse and, although some models were created during Soviet times, they pose a great threat to the enemy.

In addition, Maekelae points out that most NATO countries have made numerous tank reductions, only a few types are used and sometimes they are only one model.

He believes that because of the lack of military parity, Russian forces can easily defeat NATO troops in the event of a World War 3 erupting and a battle front being in Europe.

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“The Russian tactic is to concentrate an overwhelming force at a certain point and it will be difficult for the small tank armies of the West to resist this,” he explains.

According to him, the Russian Army has a much more powerful fire potential than the Alliance forces in Europe. In a modern war, the most advanced Western tanks will be attacked by numerically superior Russian units with massive artillery and missile support, against which Western countries will have little chance to defend against such a powerful assault.

Maekelae added that such a scenario of a Russian tank attack would become a “nightmare” for Alliance forces, since they do not have the means to repel it. In particular, it underlines the lack of artillery shells and the small number of Alliance troops in Europe. However, the expert stresses that the West is aware of its weakness and is taking steps to “build more powerful forces in the region.”

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