SHAME! Japan recognizes Guaido as interim leader of Venezuela – UPDATED


TOKYO – The Japanese authorities expressed support for the ‘opposition’ forces of Venezuela in the embodiment of their leader Juan Guaido, recognizing him as interim president of the Bolivarian Republic. On this February 19th, said the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry Taro Kono.


“We express our clear support for Guaido as acting president (Venezuela. – ed of Tass)”, – quoted the Minister by the Russian state-run news agency, TASS .

The United States has, at the same time, moved to concrete steps to prepare for an armed invasion. Tokyo’s move represents a growing trend where the legal norms and rule of international law post-WWII has broken down.

Tokyo’s official proclamation itself represents a breach of international norms and law. However, it will have no bearing on the Venezuela’s internal processes.


Guaido proclaimed himself acting president of Venezuela on January 23, against the backdrop of opposition protests.

Support was expressed by the authorities of some countries in South America, Canada and the USA. The Venezuelan ambassador to Russia called Guaido a puppet recruited by Washington .

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The current leader, Nicolas Maduro, was re-elected for a second six-year term in May 2018. He called what is happening in the country an attempt of a coup d’etat with the support of the United States and broke off relations with Washington.

Support to the current Venezuelan leader was expressed by Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Syria and Iran.

The American authorities repeatedly appealed to the Venezuelan military to change the oath, which was condemned by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to US Assistant President John Bolton, representatives of the Venezuelan Armed Forces command have had secret negotiations with the opposition and Guaido. Donald Trump said that Washington is ready for  “all options” for a  peaceful transition of power in Venezuela.

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