SYRIA ON REPEAT: Venezuelan humanitarian aid actually has ‘bullets and bombs’


CARACAS, Venezuela – The president of the Legislative Council of the state of Táchira in Venezuela, Luis Mora, said that “the Venezuelan government has always believed in dialogue and politics” and “not in war”, showing fear that the humanitarian aid will used as an excuse for an intervention.

A member of the United Socialist Party, Mora added that the Venezuelan state “believes in dialogue and perspectives” that can emerge from the summit held in Montevideo (Uruguay) Thursday by the International Contact Group on Venezuela.

“We have a great faith and we hope that the whole world turns its attention to Venezuela in a sincere way, because the whole world observes how Venezuela is from all sides without concentrating on interests and the fundamental reason,” he said during an interview.

Mora further confirms the lack of food and medicines in the country, explaining that it was not “allowed to bring them.”

“They block us, they do not allow the passage of ships, they do not allow the banks to hand over Venezuela’s money, which is billions and billions of dollars,” said the Bolivarian leader.

Mora also questioned the fact that there are countries, “like Colombia whose government does not want to see beyond what a war can mean.”

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In addition, the Bolivarian leader has denied the reports that say about the beginning of humanitarian aid through the state of Tachira. He believes the goal of foreign aid is political, by demonstrating the image of the Venezuelan people rushing to pick up “humanitarian aid boxes.”

“The people are aware and know what happened, for example, in Syria or Iraq, where humanitarian aid was spoken… but this is nothing more than a Trojan horse: bullets and bombs come from behind.”

To help Caracas, Mora suggests that “economic and financial sanctions be suspended” by returning “money that is blocked in international banks” so that it is possible to buy medicine and food from the Venezuelan people.

The Venezuelan people had the genetic inheritance of our hero and, in the face of the indigenous peoples who fought, this blood is there, which has not yet been extinguished. we want this to happen … the country will be defended,” he concluded.

Although the US is making a big deal about the prevention of “humanitarian aid” reaching Venezuelan people, the few million dollars offered is paltry compared to the billions of dollars that US sanctions take out of the economy.

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