TEXAS: A Message from Donbass to Venezuela

February 23rd was a day of worldwide solidarity with the President and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In our Republic, and in Russia, today is also the Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland. The people and defenders of the DPR send a brotherly embrace to all good people in Venezuela and especially to those who defend your Republic.
We are with you because our struggle is the same, our enemies are the same, and our dreams and goals are the same. We work together for a world of freedom and equality, of justice and compassion, a world without masters or slaves. Together we will make this dream come true. Together we will defeat our common enemies, those who wish to rule a world in which they are masters and the rest of Humanity are their slaves. God will never permit such a world, and with His help, neither will we.
We see the work of the fascists against your Republic, the same schemes and attacks they have used against us, against Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cuba. We see them try to replace your elected President with a gusano, a worm named Gaido, a puppet, a pretender, a prostitute and a traitor to his own land. But the days of these fascist schemes are numbered. With each of their crimes against yet another sovereign nation, the whole world sees more and more clearly who stands to defend their own lands and who is the true criminal and aggressor.

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Stand strong against traitors and criminal aggressors. All good people of the world stand with you. Today, demonstrations will be held in over 100 cities around the world, including here in Donetsk at Plaza Lenin, honor of your Bolivarian Revolution and your Republic. Together with you, we remember Bolivar and Sandino, Hugo and Fidel, Hatuey and Che. We remember, and we will continue the struggle, which was theirs, which is now ours.
Together, our victory is certain. Fascism will fall, we will crush the chains of imperialism and predatory capitalism. Together we will make a better world for all the Human Family. Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!
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