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Russia blasts Facebook for blocking of pages linked to RT

Published 2019-02-19 22:30:03 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday that it considers the blocking of RT-related pages by Facebook unacceptable. According to Russian diplomacy, Moscow is waiting for a response from the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) of Europe on the case. Earlier it had been reported that Facebook had blocked several accounts associated with the RT channel without explaining the reasons. “Once again, we are dealing with an act of direct and legally unwarranted pressure on the sources of information Washington does not like. Obviously, this trend towards censorship on the Internet is only… Continue ->

Tags: Facebook, RT, Russia

Who needs a US Trojan Horse when Russia will deliver 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela?

Published 2019-02-19 20:30:42 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States, Venezuela

MOSCOW, Russia – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said today that Russia will send 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela next Wednesday. “We receive humanitarian aid every day, and on Wednesday 300 tonnes of Russian humanitarian aid will be legally delivered to the international airport in Caracas,” said the Venezuelan leader in a meeting with scientists. #EnVivo ? | Reunión con especialistas de la investigación, innovación y experimentación, para incentivar el desarrollo científico que motorice los diversos sectores estratégicos de la vida nacional.— Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) February 18, 2019 Venezuela faces a deep economic and political crisis. After the… Continue ->

Tags: Russia, US, Venezuela

WHAT?! Trump trusts Putin more than US special services

Published 2019-02-19 19:00:40 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

WASHINGTON DC, The United States – Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said US President Donald Trump relied more on Russian leader Vladimir Putin than on his own intelligence reports on North Korea’s missiles. This was commented on by political analyst Yevgeny Ben. During an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes program, the former US intelligence official, fired in March 2018, said Trump did not believe in US intelligence, which informed him about the North Korean ballistic missile’s ability to hit the coast of the United States, because Russian leader Vladimir Putin had assured him that North Korea did not possess… Continue ->

Tags: Putin, Russia, Trump, US

RUSSIA EXPOSES: ‘US wants to create new lines of separation in the Middle East’

Published 2019-02-19 18:00:46 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Mena, Russia, United-States

MOSCOW, Russia – The recent Warsaw summit on the Middle East has shown that the United States wants to create new lines of separation in the Middle East, while the decision to establish working groups to solve regional problems demonstrates the US desire to act unilaterally, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said. “The main objective of the Warsaw Forum, as expected, was an attempt to consolidate the positions of its participants in support of Washington’s destructive agenda of total opposition to Tehran, which had to be seen as the ‘main source of instability in the region. Unfortunately, it… Continue ->

Tags: MENA, Russia, Trump, US

Trump hilariously fails at persuading defections in Venezuelan military, Maduro denounces Nazi rhetoric

Published 2019-02-19 15:00:52 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Latin-America, United-States, Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has accused US President Donald Trump of giving a “Nazi-style” speech because he thinks he can give orders to the Venezuelan military. The comments were made during a recent event in Miami. “Today Donald Trump was in Miami with a tired rhetoric, questioning the right of our free country to adopt the ideas of Christian human socialism, almost like a Nazi-style speech, to prohibit ideologies… prohibit political diversity and wants to impose the single mind,” Maduro said on Monday. Earlier, the US president asked the Venezuelan military to withdraw their support for Maduro… Continue ->

Tags: Trump, US, Venezuela

Russia adopts law prohibiting use of smart phones in the military

Published 2019-02-19 13:12:47 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

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MOSCOW, Feb. 19 – RIA News . The State Duma adopted a law prohibiting the military to place information in the media and on the Internet concerning their service. The authors of the initiative noted that military personnel are of particular interest to the special services of other countries, as well as to terrorist and extremist organizations. The U.S has passed similar regulations as of August 2018. The law prohibits the placement in the media and on the Internet of information, including photos, videos and geolocation data about themselves and other military personnel, which will make it possible to disclose their departmental… Continue ->

Tags: Military, Russia, Smart Phone, Smartphones

EU threatens Russia with “black lists” instead of new sanctions

Published 2019-02-19 12:47:33 by Joaquin Flores in Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News

BRUSSELS – The European Union will not introduce new economic sanctions against Russia. At the same time, blacklists can be expanded. Last night, February 18th, the foreign ministers of the European Union countries agreed to “targeted individual sanctions” against Russian citizens and officials for the November incident in the Kerch Strait. According to the head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, a political consensus on targeted sanctions has been reached, and the official adoption of these restrictions will end in the coming days.  In the “black lists” will be included eight more Russians associated with the incident. They will be banned from entering… Continue ->

Tags: Black List, Eu, Maidan, Mogherini, Russia, Sanctions

Bomber spotted in the sky over the DPR (VIDEO)

Published 2019-02-19 12:18:48 by Joaquin Flores in Donbass, Donetsk, Eurasia, Headline-News

DONETSK – Observers of the Special Monitoring Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) recorded the flight of the aircraft over the territory of the DPR. This is stated in the report of the mission, published on February 18th. “On February 15, at 10:00 am, being on the southwestern outskirts of the village of Starobeshevo (not controlled by the authorities, 32 km southeast of Donetsk), the SMM fixed the flying object south-east from its position, which flew from south-west to northeast “, – the report says. “With the help of optical observation tools, observers determined that… Continue ->

Tags: Donbass, Donetsk, OSCE, UAF, Ukraine

SHAME! Japan recognizes Guaido as interim leader of Venezuela

Published 2019-02-19 11:45:03 by Joaquin Flores in Eurasia, Headline-News, Japan

TOKYO – The Japanese authorities expressed support for the ‘opposition’ forces of Venezuela in the embodiment of their leader Juan Guaido, recognizing him as interim president of the Bolivarian Republic. On this February 19th, said the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry Taro Kono. “We express our clear support for Guaido as acting president (Venezuela. – Ed.)”, – quoted the Minister by the Russian state-run news agency, TASS . The United States has, at the same time, moved to concrete steps to prepare for an armed invasion. Tokyo’s move represents a growing trend where the legal norms and rule of international law post-WWII… Continue ->

Tags: Guaido, Japan, Trump, Venezuela

Iran Regime Change? Europe No Longer Buying What The U.S. Is Selling

Published 2019-02-19 10:58:07 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Eu, Germany, Headline-News, Opinions, United-States

By Tom Luongo – If the Anti-Iran conference in Warsaw was the opening act, the annual Munich Security Conference was the main event. Both produced a lot of speeches, grandstanding and virtue-signaling, as well as a lot of shuffling of feet and looking at the ground. The message from the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia was clear, “We are still committed to the destruction of Syria as a functional state to end the growing influence of Iran.” Europe, for the most part, doesn’t buy that argument anymore. Germany certainly doesn’t. France is only interested in how they can curry favor… Continue ->

Tags: Germany, Luongo, Merkel, Munich, Sanctions, Trump

The FRN Daily News Brief 2019-02-18

Published 2019-02-19 01:15:03 by Danny Froberg in Daily-Brief

This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 16, articles about Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-Kingdom, Nato, Eu, Donbass, Donetsk, Lugansk, Ukraine, Conspiracy-Theories, United-States, Mena, Syria, India, Opinions, Pakistan, Isis, Turkey, Cuba, Latin-America, Venezuela, Germany, Armenia, Daily-Brief. Tags in this brief: Britain, Russia, UK, NATO, Europe, Lavrov, Bombardment, Ceasefire, Minsk II, Poroshenko, Truce, Munich Security Conference, Poroshenko Shelling, Consulates, Expulsion, Novichok, Skripal, Viktoria Skripal, Space, Syria, Afghanistan, Analysis, Baluchistan, Doval, Geopolitics, India, ISI, Jadhav, Multipolarity, Pakistan, Strategy, Assad, Erdogan, Safe Zones, Turkey, US Imperialism, Azarov, Embezzlement, FBI, Fraud, IMF, Ukraine, Cuba, Internationalism, Maduro, Socialism, Venezuela, DPR, Drone, Terrorism, UAF,… Continue ->

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