The numbers: Russia still a top destination for Ukraine’s war and economy refugees


MOSCOW – Strana reports that more than 83 thousand Ukrainians received citizenship of the Russian Federation in 2018 . This was spelled out in the statistical data on the migration situation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, reports “Interfax-Ukraine” . 

It is noted that in the year from January-December 2018, 83,081 Ukrainians became citizens of the Russian Federation (accepted, restored, recognized). In addition, during this time, 64,861 additional residence permits were issued for Ukrainians (170 638 Ukrainians currently live by residence permits in Russia).

It is worth noting that, according to Russian law, in order to obtain Russian citizenship, Ukrainians need to abandon Ukrainian citizenship in a notification procedure. Accordingly, 83,081 citizens of Ukraine did not just receive a Russian passport, but let go of Ukrainian citizenship.

Also last year, Ukrainians received 77,075 permits for temporary residence (currently 160,706 Ukrainians live under such permits in the Russian Federation).

In 2017, 85,119 Ukrainians became new Russians. Also, the Ministry of Internal Affairs counted 524.7 thousand citizens of Ukraine, who visited Russia on private visits, 460.6 thousand to work, 29.1 thousand to study and 44.2 thousand as tourists.

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In particular, in January-December 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation registered 1 million 761 586 Ukrainians for migration, of which 171 312 people were registered at the place of residence and 1 million 590 274 ​​people were registered at the place of stay.

1 million 115 479 people are registered at the place of residence is primary. Of these, 524,697 Ukrainians entered the Russian Federation on a private visit, 460,622 to work, 29,133 for study, 44,212 for tourism, and 56,815 Ukrainians under other pretexts. At the same time, in 2018, the Russian Federation removed 1 million 180 061 Ukrainians from the migration register. During 2017, 503.3 thousand Ukrainians entered the Russian Federation to work, 485.1 thousand – with a private visit, 42.9 thousand – with a view to tourism and 28.1 thousand – to study.

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