Trump’s desperate call for Venezuelan military defections puts US in ‘stupid situation’


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – US President Donald Trump has called on the Venezuelan military to stop supporting Maduro and accept the self-proclaimed “interim president.”

In his address to Venezuelan immigrants at the University of Miami, Trump appealed to the Venezuelan military to withdraw their support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and said that if they did not accept that proposal, they could “lose everything.” Maduro, on the other hand, accused Trump of giving a “Nazi-style” speech because he thought he could give orders to the Venezuelan military.

“It is a serious breach of international law norms and the most open intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state. A country that openly states that Russia is allegedly intervening in internal affairs of elections in other countries actually performs an intervention similar in the affairs of more than a dozen countries on an ongoing basis,” the analyst correctly highlighted.

According to Shapovalov, “the US president, in fact, gives orders to the public officials of the other sovereign state.”

For the expert, Trump made these statements because the man the US wants to see as president of Venezuela does not find support among the Venezuelan people.

“This US puppet has virtually no support in Venezuela, despite the diplomatic, political, financial and political lobbying efforts of the United States and its allies. The US-appointed man as president of Venezuela has been unable to take office for a month,” he explained.

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According to the analyst, “the US, who are in a stupid situation, have no choice but to give such orders to public officials in another country.”

“Probably this reaction will once again make the US appear foolish, they did not achieve the desired effect, because these harsh, unceremonious measures in the style of gunboat diplomacy, diplomacy of the Monroe Doctrine era, make people against the kind of ultimatums that come out. The United States usually loses that kind of wars,” he said. “We should remember Vietnam and Afghanistan where the Americans were forced to leave.”

I believe that this statement by Trump is a manifestation of agony in the American policy of overthrowing President Maduro who was legitimately elected,” the expert concluded.

The political tension in Venezuela has increased since Juan Guaidó, president of the Venezuelan National Assembly and leader of the opposition, on 23 January, declared himself interim president of Venezuela.

The United States and several countries in Europe and Latin America, including Brazil, have recognized Guaidó as interim president of the country. Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Turkey, Mexico, Iran and many other countries expressed support for Maduro as legitimate president and demanded that other countries respect the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of the Latin American country.

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