Ukrainian presidential candidate says graphite bombs NEEDED against Russia


KIEV, Ukraine – Ukraine’s presidential candidate Inna Bogoslavskaya, a former deputy of the Supreme Rada (Ukrainian parliament), proposed to produce graphite bombs to deal with Russia, according to a statement made during the talks on the radio station Novoe Vremya.

Graphite bombs are non-lethal weapons that act by dispersing a thin cloud of carbon fiber over electrical components, causing short circuits and disruption of electrical power supply in the indicated region.

The policy called the creation of such munitions as one of the main points of its strategy towards Moscow.

“Ukraine is to move to the rapid production of new types of weapons,” said Bogoslavskaya. “Graphite bombs represent a challenge that has received support in international relations, and they are not forbidden and that is our way.”

In addition, it included in its strategy the mandatory declaration by Ukrainian politicians of their assets in Russia and the reinforcement of economic sanctions against Moscow.

Presidential elections will take place in Ukraine on March 31. So far more than 25 candidates have been registered, among them the president-in-office Pyotr Poroshenko.

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Meanwhile, Kiev must stop being a “beggar” who humbles himself to the West and normalize relations with Moscow, otherwise its economy will collapse, opines former minister of the country.

When it comes to Russian-Ukrainian relations, there is a threat of an economic collapse for Ukraine, says former Minister of Infrastructure Yegeny Chervonenko.

“There is an objective reality – January is almost over, and together with it, European quotas end. The figures are indomitable,” he told TV NewsOne .

In his view, it would be better for Ukraine to conduct an independent policy and stop acting as a “beggar” who humbles himself to the West. Instead, Kiev should establish a dialogue with Moscow.

At the same time, the former minister recalled that Russia has not taken any action against the factories of the president of Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko, nor against three million Ukrainians who are working in Russian territory, since “Ukraine does not give opportunities.”

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