US failure to destabilize situation in Venezuela strengthened Maduro


The dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Economics and Public Service, Aleksandr Chichin, explained that there were changes in the balance of forces and in the situation in Venezuela.

According to the expert, 3 diplomats from the Colombian consular department and their families left Venezuela, crossing the border into San Antonio, accompanied by the Venezuelan police.

On February 23, Caracas broke diplomatic relations with Bogotá and gave Colombian diplomats 24 hours to leave the country. The worsening of relations between the two countries was caused by the situation surrounding US attempts to get humanitarian aid from Colombia to Venezuela without the consent of Caracas.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro refused to accept aid, considering deliveries as a maneuver to overthrow his government, given that Washington had imposed sanctions, blocked the assets of state-owned PDVSA and banned transactions with this company, depriving Venezuela of more of $10 billion.

Despite this, Chichin noted, the US failed to shake the situation in Venezuela the way they wanted and the balance of forces changed on February 23, when that US plan to put pressure on Venezuela did not work.

According to him, the operation with the humanitarian convoy failed, and now Guaidó can only use the words of the American politicians saying that all the options are on the table.

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“But all diplomatic measures have already been taken, and the only thing they can talk about is intervention methods. They have not been able to use this humanitarian aid as a tool to break the Venezuelan border … Of course, all Venezuelans who are not very rich are now even closer to Maduro,” Aleksandr Chichin said.

The expert believes that the pressure on Venezuela will continue. However, he says, Maduro now has full support not only from the army but also from the people, and the collapse that was planned to be created at the border has not happened.

“The country will survive in conditions of moral and political mobilization, with very scarce economic resources, and this period can be quite long.” Chichin noted that the United States is failing to crush Venezuela in the eyes of everyone, as Maduro’s resilience is quite significant.

In January, a wave of protests took place in Venezuela against the current president Nicolás Maduro, re-elected last March. On January 23, the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, declared himself acting president, having been supported by the US and several other countries despite only being known to 81% of Venezuelans. Maduro received support from countries like Russia, Mexico, China, Turkey, Indonesia and others.

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