US intelligence fears space capabilities of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – According to the US Intelligence Agency, Iran and North Korea represent a major challenge for the Americans because of their space capabilities.

Both countries have developed interference capabilities, according to the US intelligence report.

“Iran and North Korea also pose a challenge to militaries using space-enabled services, as each has demonstrated jamming capabilities. Iran and North Korea maintain independent space launch capabilities, which can serve as avenues for testing ballistic missile technologies”, the report said.

The American intelligence also considers Moscow and Beijing fighters of the North American space domain. This is because Russia continues to develop weapons, which include lasers capable of targeting enemy satellites.

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“Chinese and Russian military doctrines indicate that they view space as important to modern warfare and view counterspace capabilities as a means to reduce US and allied military effectiveness”, the report said. “Beijing and Moscow will continue to see space as integral to winning modern wars. They are developing systems that pose a threat to freedom of action in space. Both will continue their efforts to enhance their space and counterspace capabilities, and better integrate them into their respective militaries.”

The US understands that China, North Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia have strengthened space defense capabilities to challenge US military dominance and that countries are pushing forward proposals to limit space militarization.
In 1967 the Sideral Space Treaty was signed involving more than 100 countries, including the USA, Russia, China and North Korea, with the aim of banning the development of weapons of mass destruction in space, as well as the installation of weapons in celestial bodies .

Despite this, last year, US President Donald Trump said that Washington was developing a space force to contain the other countries, which raised tensions among all involved, as well as a space race.

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