Washington prepares ‘Trojan horse’ strategy against Russia


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The Pentagon is developing a new military strategy against Russia and China, which provides for a “stealthy intervention” in depth by land, sea and air, said US Chief of Staff David Goldfein during his university address of Washington.

According to him, the development of the new strategy was launched in response to the Russian and Chinese “threat”. The elaboration process would take about a year and would cost 135 billion dollars, the German portal Telepolis reported .

In addition, according to Goldfein, the new strategy will involve all branches of the American Armed Forces. The F-35 fighter would be the coordinating staff of the various offensive actions.

The American general stated that the new strategy aims to attack the opponent’s weaknesses, avoiding confrontation with their strengths.

The goal would be to stealthily penetrate the territory of the adversary at the same time by land, air and sea. The joint action of the different armed forces should lead to an “asymmetric advantage” through “simultaneous dilemmas”. The enemy does not know what to do or realize that they can not defend themselves. It is a real-time network-based warfare, in which not only airplanes or submarines, but also ground troops act sneakily.

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“It’s a fundamental change both culturally and technically,” Goldfein said, adding that thanks to the new strategy, US troops will gain asymmetric advantages over their potential adversaries.

The German portal underlines that the new US strategy is reminiscent of the “Trojan Horse” tactic, while it is not yet clear how the US plans to carry out this strategy taking into account the modern weapons of Russia and China capable of confronting the United States.

Despite these attempts to corner Russia and China into submission, US aggression has only accelerated their push to become independent from the exploitative US-led global economic system.

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