What factors prevent the export of Russian high technology products to Brazil?


BRASILIA, Brazil – While most Russian exports to Brazil are mainly concentrated in the chemical, aluminum, fuel and equipment industries, Russian companies from different sectors are operating in the Brazilian market.

Sputnik Brazil spoke with the director of Russian technology company Elcomplus, which is dedicated to the creation of industrial automation systems and exports its products to Brazil.

During the forum of the Delovaya Rossiya association, Evgeny Teplyakov, director of the Russian company Elcomplus, which is dedicated to the development and integration of industrial automation systems, industrial communication networks and software for digital radio networks, has revealed the prospects of its presence in the Brazilian market, as well as the factors that impede the growth of exports of its products to Brazil.

According to him, the company exports its products to 72 countries around the world, including Brazil, and was recognized as one of the best exporters of high technology products in Russia.

“We have been working with Brazil for a long time, and we have a very big partner there. Brazil is the number one partner in Latin America, and we work with almost all Latin American countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, among others,” said Teplyakov.

Teplyakov underlined that while the products and services provided by Elcomplus have some unique technical characteristics, companies in the US and in other countries produce the same type of telecommunication and automation systems.

“In the meantime, our main strength is Russian software engineers, programmers and software developers,” he explained.

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According to Teplyakov, Elcomplus has supplied its goods and services to Brazil for eight years, but in recent years the volume of exports to Brazil is stable and does not grow, while in other countries that import products and services of the Russian company there is an annual growth of 30%.

The businessman stresses that in recent years Brazil has been in a very difficult economic situation, which, in turn, has affected the growth of Elcomplus exports to that country.

“Now with the new president, the situation is likely to change and we will see an increase in our exports to Brazil. Regarding the exports of equipment in general, Brazil’s high tariffs are a problem, but it is the software that is responsible for most of our exports to Brazil, so we do not have any barriers,” concluded Teplyakov.

The forum of the association Delovaya Rossiya was held on February 6 in Moscow. Its main theme was the role that entrepreneurs can play to achieve the national goals announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2018. The forum was attended by Vladimir Putin, ministers as well as the largest Russian entrepreneurs.

Delovaya Rossiya is an organization that represents the interests of private companies in the non-energy sectors and which brings together more than 3,000 Russian entrepreneurs. Founded in 2001, Delovaya Rossiya participates in improving the investment climate and the legislative field in Russia to support Russian companies in foreign markets.

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