What is the ‘real reason’ for Russia creating POWERFUL Poseidon torpedo that destroys continents


MOSCOW, Russia – The real purpose of the creation of the Russian Poseidon torpedoes, which are also called “Doomsday” torpedoes, is the collapse of NATO, claims Business Insider with reference to experts.

Business Insider emphasizes that nuclear weapons can in most cases destroy a city, but recent Russian-made torpedoes could “end a whole continent.”

According to the news portal, Poseidon’s purpose is to dissuade Washington from responding to alleged Russian aggression in the future. Experts note that Russia may use torpedoes even if it is completely destroyed, so the US will not want to expose its coastal waters to long-term radiation from underwater torpedoes.

Experts believe that since the Alliance will not come to the aid of an allied country, the existence of NATO as a military alliance will end.

Last week, Russia finalized the key Poseidon test stage. President Vladimir Putin expressed the desire to personally follow the progress of the work.

Putin also announced his intention to change the format of military meetings and personally control the process of creating new military systems.

However, the Americans questioned the dangers of the new weapons, associating them with “Russian propaganda.”

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This Business Insider article comes as last week the Daily Start newspaper said that in the event of a World War III, the Russian Army will soon crush NATO forces in Europe. This warning came from Petri Maekelae, who specializes in analyzing warfare techniques in Russia and Scandinavia.

The expert particularly highlights the Russian tank army, which, in his view, far outweighs the capabilities of the Alliance countries.

He notes that Russian tank units are very diverse and, although some models were created during Soviet times, they pose a great threat to the enemy.

In addition, Maekelae points out that most NATO countries have made numerous tank reductions, only a few types are used and sometimes they are only one model.

He believes that because of the lack of military parity, Russian forces can easily defeat NATO troops in the event of a World War 3 erupting.

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