Who needs a US Trojan Horse when Russia will deliver 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela?


MOSCOW, Russia – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said today that Russia will send 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela next Wednesday.

“We receive humanitarian aid every day, and on Wednesday 300 tonnes of Russian humanitarian aid will be legally delivered to the international airport in Caracas,” said the Venezuelan leader in a meeting with scientists.

Venezuela faces a deep economic and political crisis. After the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly, proclaimed himself an interim president of the Republic, the United States recognized him as legitimate head of state and sent aid to the country by neighboring Colombia. Maduro, however, refused to receive the shipments, accusing the United States of using it as a strategy to overthrow his government.

Moscow sees the intentions of the United States to provide humanitarian aid to Venezuela on February 23 as provocative. Instead of such “help”, it would be better to lift sanctions against Caracas and thaw the accounts of state-owned enterprises, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said on Monday.

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“The situation in Venezuela is unfolding at an alarming trajectory. For February 23 an event is expected that, to paraphrase the great Latin American Gabriel García Márquez, could be called ‘a chronicle of an anticipated provocation,'” announced Zakharova.

A spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that plans were being made to introduce “humanitarian aid” to the Venezuelan people from the territory of a neighboring country. However, taking into account the position of the country’s legitimate authorities, the plaintiffs say it is “an incursion,” causing border guards and military personnel to use force, Zakharova said.

They hope to bring about a division between the military or symbolic victims, a wave of demonstrations, that allow to put in motion the version of a force action from the outside, she pointed out.

If it were a commitment to help with “any humanitarian burdens” the population of the country, it would be more appropriate to thaw the accounts of state-owned enterprises in American banks, “rather than the feigned attempt to provide an estimated ‘aid’ of about two hundred million dollars”.

“The total loss from US sanctions since 2013 against Venezuela is estimated at $345 billion. It is unlikely that such illegal sanctions, aimed at stifling the Venezuelan economy, are intended to alleviate the lives of simple citizens of that country,” Zakharova said.

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