WTF? Ukraine’s Coup-Installed FM Klimkin just called Maduro a ‘Usurper’



Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Pavel Klimkin, speaks on the subject of Venezuela (translated from Spanish):

“We strongly condemn the unprecedented violence at the Venezuelan border that has resulted in dead and wounded. We demand that the regime of usurper Marudo would stop those indecent actions and allow the humanitarian aid to pass in an urgent manner”

Well, first of all, the incident at the Venezuelan border with an aid truck being set on fire is shady, to say the least, and looks more like a classic false flag provocation served to create a casus belli for US military intervention. No investigation has been done, we don’t know what really happened there, but it’s already all crystal clear to Klimikin, and he’s ready to bark at Maduro on behalf of his masters in Washington DC.

As for humanitarian aid, Venezuela has been allowing hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from China, Russia, Cuba, and even Turkey to go in. It just that it is (rightfully) hesitant to accept humanitarian help from a superpower that openly threatens it with a military intervention and has been trying to overthrow its government for years. Who knows whether those trucks really bring food and toothpaste, and not weapons and ammunition for anti-government militia groups? As if it hasn’t happened before in Syria, when the US was arming Al Qaeda affiliates to overthrow the Assad government, prolonging the civil war and worsening the humanitarian crisis.

Besides, you have to be brain-dead to believe that the US wants to help the people of Venezuela after they’ve been waging economic warfare against their country, with countless sanctions and embargoes, which are estimated to cost Venezuelan economy up to $30 million dollars (!) a day! The damage is already measured in billions. But, yeah, the US and their vassals are just trying to help, sure.

Klimkin calling Marudo an “usurper” has no basis in reality, as his government has recently won a democratic election at home (whether or not Klimkin’s US masters like it is, frankly, irrelevant).

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Also, I like it how he tweeted this message in Spanish. Last year, after fire engulfed an entertainment centre in Kemerovo, Russia, killing 60 people (including kids) and injuring another 79, that fuckwit Klimkin decided to follow the formal protocol and express his condolences in… English and Ukrainian, even though Russian is his native language (he was born in Kursk and educated in Moscow State University), thus showing his contempt for the victims.

Oh, and, yeah, needless to say that the current Kiev regime has been shelling its own (former?) citizens in Eastern Ukraine/Donbass for the last 5 years, so Klimkin showing his supposed concern for the people of Venezuela is a whole new level of hypocrisy.

Although, it was predictable. The current Ukrainian government (the one that was brought to power during the 2013-2014 Euromaindan regime change) suffers from deep inferiority complex, and they will do literally anything to please their Trans-Atlantic masters, even at the expense of their own people.

Sad fucks.

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