‘Avoid a Nuclear Exchange’ – Pakistan and India Look for Path to De-escalation


NEW DELHI  – The Indian Foreign Ministry believes that in order to de-escalate the current conflict in Kashmir, Pakistan must take the necessary actions against terrorist groups on its territory. On Friday, March 1st, this was told to an FRN source from the Indian Foreign Ministry.

The spokesman of the agency stressed that at the moment “the ball is in Pakistan’s court”, the source revealed. According to him, New Delhi denies its culpability in the escalation of the conflict in Kashmir. “Most other countries have expressed an understanding of our position,” said a Foreign Ministry official.

He added that India and Pakistan have sufficiently effective channels for dialogue, so the mediation of third parties in resolving the situation is not required.

Earlier today on March 1st, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmud Qureshi said that the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict between Pakistan and India could lead to the mutual destruction of two states .

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The serious escalation of the ongoing tensions and conflict between India and Pakistan occurred after February 14th in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, an attack was carried out upon a column of Indian troops, when 45 people were killed. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the terrorists of the Jaish e Muhammad group, JeM.

On the night of February 26th, Indian aircraft attacked the largest militant camp near the city of Balakot in Pakistan. In response, Pakistan Air Force scrambled fighters, and Indian aircraft returned to the airspace of their country.

On February 27th, eight airplanes of the Indian Air Force and 24 Pakistani took part in an air battle over the disputed region of Kashmir.

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