Bolton Fecklessly Dictates to Caracas that they ‘Must’ allow Criminal Guaido to Return Freely


WASHINGTON – Bolton has taken to issuing more threats to the democratically elected government of Venezuela, to the effect that the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’, Guaido, must be allowed to return to Venezuela without facing Venezuela’s justice system.

On his Twitter page, the adviser said that Guaido announced the decision to return to the country, and also noted that any action threatening this – such as the authorities wanting him for questioning in connection with charges of sedition and treason – would be followed by a decisive response from the US .

Guaido himself said that if the Venezuelan authorities arrested him, the administration of President Nicolas Maduro would make “one of the last mistakes.” He called for the mobilization of the population as a consequence, as well as a clear plan of international allies in this case.

Bolton’s Incoherence – Weightless Demands a Consequence of Nothing to Offer

Besides that Venezuela has its own laws and constitution, which Guaido has clearly broken, Bolton’s threats carry no weight because the U.S began its whole process by declaring that Guaido was the president of Venezuela, and that the present government led by Maduro had to step down. So as a consequence, there is no reason to negotiate on any substantive points, given that the U.S on the outset believes that when they are speaking with the government of Venezuela, that it is not in fact the government of Venezuela.

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Bolton expressed that attempts to prevent the return of oppositionist Juan Guaido to Venezuela , who proclaimed himself president, will cause active opposition from the United States and the international community. This was stated by Adviser to the President of the United States on national security, John Bolton.


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