Bosnitch: Kangaroo Court ‘ICTY’ Convicts Karadzić for False-flag Crimes Carried out by NATO Proxies

By John Bosnitch


Editor’s note – Radovan Karadzić was a democratically elected civilian leader of Bosnian Serbs in the 1990’s, and was recently convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for ostensible war-crimes. The establishment of the ICTY was a NATO-led initiative that was pushed through the United Nations by Resolution 827 of the United Nations Security Council. The ICTY meets the definition of a kangaroo court. Effectively the prosecution had the political and structural power to appoint the judges, and establish the parameters upon which any defense could be made. 

The ICTY was created during the wars in Yugoslavia and after the collapse of the USSR, which was passed on May 25th 1993. It was only made possible during the time of Russian weakness and divisions, when Russia was led by Boris Yeltsin, and as a result there was no political possibility for a veto on its establishment. 

Dr. Radovan Karadzić was a Columbia University educated psychiatrist, and successfully evaded prosecutors by hiding where least expected – in plain sight in Belgrade and Vienna, where he dropped 15 kilos and grew a beard, and led a successful homeopathic and holistic medicine practice under the assumed name Dr. Dragan David Dabić. He evaded authorities this way for over 15 years, during which time he also worked to reveal certain facts that could prove his innocence. Chiefly these were anonymous data-drops, detailing the numerous Wahhabist false flags carried out during the war, designed to create black propaganda within the framework of a strategy of tension. Many of the victims of these Wahhabist false flags were Bosniak Muslims themselves, who were either secular or supportive of moderate Bosniak forces; attacks meant to implicate Serbian/Yugoslav forces. During the Yugoslav civil war in the 90’s, there were few who wanted the war to continue, all sides sought peace and an end to the violence. External actors (NATO intel) supported Nazi-extremism among Croats, and Islamicist fundamentalism among Bosniaks. 

Dr. Radovan Karadzić succeeded in evading the kangaroo court ICTY investigators and INTERPOL, and lived as a fugitive while leaving clues that would establish his innocence. This came to an end with his arrest on a Belgrade bus in 2008. It came after an illegal campaign of pressure upon his families and friends, blackmail of his wife, the murder of his brother in a botched police raid, and a policy of collective punishment upon the entire population of the Republika Srpska.  – J. Flores, editor

By John Bosnitch

J’ACCUSE ! NATO’s Kangaroo Court ‘ICTY’ Convicts anti-NATO Hero Karadzić for Crimes Carried out by NATO

I met President Radovan Karadzić in Banja Luka during his successful resistance to the Washington-Deep-State-organized invasion of indigenous Serb lands by Vatican-blessed neo-nazi Croat forces and jihadi Muslim fundamentalists. Karadzić prevented what was expected to be a second mass genocide against the indigenous Serb population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, following the genocide conducted against the Serbs in WWII, when Nazi Croats and their Islamicist junior partners slaughtered an estimated 700,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies … many of whom they slaughtered by hand in the most bloody death camp of WWII, a slaughterhouse in Greater Nazi Croatia named Jasenovac.

Karadzic spoke at length to me about the history of the lying MSM (main-stream media) demonization of the independent-minded freedom-loving Serb nation, underlining the modern similarities in Serb-hate to that of Goebbels’ lies against Jews (and Serbs) during Hitler’s nazi era, and to the recurring Austro-Hungarian demonization of the Serbs during and before the Kaisers’ War, (better known today as World War One).

Each and every accused man is due a fair trail before a jury of his peers. Karadzić never got such a trial. He was tried, convicted and condemned *in absentia* by the lying MSM, which denied him a media defense by deleting virtually every word ever uttered to present the other side of the case. The (morally) bankrupt New York Times went so far as to delete even its own archived discussions of the reporting of that time, to hide the defeat that its editors and reporters suffered at the pens of its own readers.

President Karadzić warned the militantly aggressive fundamentalist Muslims and neo-nazi Croats, BEFORE they started *their* war, that the indigenous Serbs would defend themselves once again and would win again, just as they had defeated the Ottoman invaders, the Kaisers, and Hitler. But the US Deep State instructed its fledgling al Qaeda trainees and its neo-nazi Croat clients that war was a good thing for them and that just as they had already done in Croatia, the US secret government lurking in the DC swamp would back a Muslim fundamentalist war in Bosnia to destabilize their rising rivals in the nascent independent EU.

Now that the Anglo-American plot to neuter Europe by penetrating Europe with more Muslims than the Ottomans ever brought there, and after poisoning German-Russian rapprochement, and after running the BREXIT divide-and-conquer maneuver to splinter Europe, some more intelligent observers are finally starting to understand how international politics works when run from London, and why the Romans referred to the English as the “perfidious Albion”.

In the end, Karadzić’s Serb nation survived, because these simple farmers, mothers and even children took up arms and stood up tall against illegal NATO bombing, against US-trained and airlifted al Qaeda be-headers, and against the unrepentant genocidal sons of Croat nazis who showed up for battle in the 1990’s wearing their fathers’ swastikas.

Karadzic’s troops even rescued tens of thousands of secular Muslims in their self-declared Autonomous Republic of Zapadna (West) Bosna, just when they faced slaughter by jihadi Islamicists in the Sarajevo jihadi army’s elite 5th Corps … never heard of that Muslim-vs-Muslim war-in-a-war? I am not surprised, as it was the most-deleted of all facts in the entire Balkan conflict. I went there in person, by myself, crossing four front lines to see those Muslims in person… and they greeted me, a Serb, as a brother and friend. After all, *every* Muslim in Bosnia is a Muslim Serb brother of every Christian Serb in the country.

I traveled multiple times to the civil war in Bosnia, visiting all sides in the conflict, I met leaders, generals, soldiers, civilians, lying journalists, war-makers disguised as peacekeepers, and … I met Radovan Karadzić, president and protector of the Serbian nation in its Bosnian homeland, the land of my Serbian forefathers.

Karadzic might be held for life in a foreign prison controlled by an invading empire, but he lives free in the heart of every Serb and Muslim in Bosnia whose life he saved, whose children he protected, and whose very national existence he preserved against genocide. It would have been a pleasure to serve on his legal defense team, for I still believe him to be, just as Serbian President Milošević, an innocent falsely accused collateral victim of the failed globalist imperial effort to subdue and conquer the undefeated, peaceful, independent nation of Serbia.

John Bosnitch
War reporter, political advisor & communications consultant
Mar 21, 2019

PS: I credit Emile Zola for the title of this post. “J’Accuse…!” (French pronunciation: [ʒaˈkyz], “I Accuse…!”) was an open letter published on 13 January 1898 in the newspaper L’Aurore by the influential writer Émile Zola.

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