BREAKING: Color Protesters in Serbia Storm Presidential Offices, Police Maintain Security ‘Without Problems’

BELGRADE –  Published on: Mar 17, 2019 @ 14:07 – Serbians engaged in a protest movement in the capital of Belgrade broke through the first line of security and trespassed into the lobby of the presidential offices.
“The police have confirmed that they will be able to provide security in the building, and the authorities will not allow violence to threaten anyone,” head of state President Alexander Vucic told reporters.
Today, more than a thousand protesters gathered in front of the presidential offices, where a Vucic press conference was being held. The meeting began at 12:00pm local time, after which the protesters attempted to break through the fence around the residence.

The protesters are exercising their rights when they organize public protests. However, the protesters violate the rights of the plurality of Serbs who have voted Vucic’s government into power since 2012, when they storm the presidential offices, and obstruct the functioning of government.

In elections in the Spring of 2017, Vucic won 55% of the vote in a presidential election, with approximately a 60% voter turn-out. This came after Vucic served as Prime Minister since 2014.

The US state department and its long-time financed NGO’s such as CANVAS, formerly Otpor! have been working with both liberal and nationalist opposition to the Vucic government. Their aim is to create a critical point in which the Vucic government must step down, call for ‘new elections’ administered under a ‘transitional government’. 

However, today’s protest – while more militant, was significantly smaller than in days past.

Last night the participants in the 15th peaceful march against the policies of the current president, showered eggs and temporarily blocked the building of RTS state television in Belgrade. A group of protesters led by the leader of the opposition movement Dveri, Boshko Obradovic, entered the corridor of Radio and Television of Serbia, covered it with leaflets. Then Obradovic was joined by the former mayor of the capital Dragan Djilas of the liberal Democratic Party – together they demanded to give them air-time to speak, but were refused.
In media, there has been an effort by the admitted and self-professed ‘CIA Asset’ Djordje Vukadinovic, to facilitate a Liberal-Nationalist alliance.
Civil police who arrived at the scene negotiated with demonstrators, avoiding clashes. Later, the police were able to oust the protesters from the RTS television building.

The primary complaint of the nationalist opposition to Vucic is that Vucic entered into the Brussels Agreement which has measures to normalize relations with the break-away region of Kosovo. Nationalists oppose the independence of Kosovo, a view shared by a majority of Serbians regardless of political orientation.What makes their stated petitions problematic, is their alliance with the Democratic Party and also the liberal Jeremic. However, Serbia lost Montenegro and Kosovo under Democratic Party governance, the rise of Vucic and his Progressive Party came in part as a sovereigntist reaction to the massive concessions allowed by the liberal Democratic Party.

Liberals associated either with US state department funded Jeremic, or with the Democratic Party, oppose Vucic’s monopolistic use of media structures.

The Liberal+Nationalist alliance has been used successfully by the US in countries like Ukraine – nationalists used as foot-soldiers, later to be betrayed, as liberals assume power and further hand economic and social structures over to Atlanticist interests.

The Atlantic Council – the media and political wing of NATO, controls the editorial line of the Washington Post , Vice Magazine, as well a the Intercept – has long engaged in a campaign to silence and intimidate Fort Russ News and its staff.

The Washington Post continues to publish articles which support the liberal opposition against Vucic. 

The message being put out against Vucic by the nationalist opposition is that he himself works for the US or EU interests – despite that the US has been financing the opposition to Vucic on both sides, including Vuk Jeremic. In the last presidential election, the US State Department through its consular offices in Belgrade, officially supported Jeremic. This point is generally lost on the protest movement against Vucic.  This is a similar tactic used in Syria, where sectarian religious groups pointed to Assad’s social and economic concessions with western powers in the years prior to the Arab Spring. At the same time, these sectarian religious groups were themselves backed by western powers.



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