BREAKING: FULL AUDIO – Elliot Abrams DUPED into FULL CONFESSION of U.S War & Theft Plans for Venezuela

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WASHINGTON D.C – In breaking news, Russian pranksters ‘Vovan and Lexus’ managed to get US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams on the line, posing as President of Switzerland Ueli Maurer. The subject involves an invasion by the US in Venezuela and freezing of Maduro’s accounts. These pranksters operate highly effectively, and are known for similar ‘stunts’ which had profound geopolitical ramifications.

As such, it is possible that ‘Vovan and Lexus’ indeed operate as Russian media-intelligence sphere agents.

The details of the US plans are revealed in this ‘prank’, which reveals tremendous volumes on the US’ plans and how Abrams pitches and couches the theft of Venezuela’s oil and assets using the language of ‘protecting’ these assets from being stolen by Venezuela’s government.

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Published on: Mar 6, 2019 @ 19:47

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