BREAKING: Kosovo Forces have just Militarized Serbian Border Amid Rising Tensions


BELGRADE – US-backed claimants to authority acting out of the break-away Serbian region of Kosovo, have just activated what they term “Steel Ring” action, which means the militarization and blocking of road routes between Serbia and break-away Kosovo, as well as militarized check-points of vehicles and persons at all major and minor roads, Belgrade media has just reported.

FRN reminds readers that the US militarily supports Albania and the Albanian-run break-away republic of Kosovo. Kosovo remains an integral part of Serbia, but de-facto administered by Albania. The US has a military base in Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel. Russia militarily supports Serbia and is establishing a security corridor out of Nish, in Southern Serbia.

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The Telegraph reports that the KPS (Kosovo Police Service), which is a de-facto military force under the terms of UNSC 1244 which prohibits these forces being called an army proper, has withdrawn units parts of the crossings by northern Macedonia and Albania, and that members of those units have now been deployed in the North of Kosovo and Metohija, Tanjug reports.

They will be tasked with the blockade of alternative roads leading from central Serbia to the north of the Serbian majority areas strapped behind the Kosovo borders, created a dozen years ago. The portal states that the action is furthermore connected with the use of secret lists to stop, detain, arrest, and force answers from high-profile Serbian activists who often travel between free Serbia and the US-Albania occupied region of Kosovo in Serbia. 

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Alo also reports that sources close to the Kosovo police say there are indications that they will arrest Serbian officials from Kosovo. The Alo source close to KPS information lines, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says that the Kosovo police are applying the “Steel Ring” operational plan in order to provoke Belgrade authorities and intimidate local Serbs, by the militarization of the border and the blocking the travel routes that citizens move, as well as militarized checkpoints to stop all vehicles and persons.

According to Politika just hours ago the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) announced that the Pristina authorities had activated the “Steel Ring” action.

Official Serbian state news agency Tanjug pressed the usurper authorities in Pristina as to whether it is true that the KPS had been activated to block alternative routes from central Serbia, and why, the KPS facility’s Baki Keljani responded that there was “nothing concrete” and that the police were instead working to prevent organized crime and smuggling, and to take actions based on legal authority. This claim is interesting because it is widely understood that the Pristina police themselves are among the primary agents involved in human trafficking and the illicit drug trade – Kosovo’s self declared president Hashin Thachi is even understood by generally sympathetic western media to be complicit in these acts.

However, TV Prva did manage to obtain confirmation from the Kosovo police that some type of action was launched. According to the correspondent of television channel, no extraordinary situation exists – rather, the KPS is couching this military maneuver  involving the increased presence of the Kosovo police and customs officers at administrative crossings towards central Serbia, in order to prevent the smuggling of goods, and this intensified presence of customs and police is to last for 20 days.


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