BREAKING: U.S Puppet Guaido Stripped of Post, Banned 15 Years from Holding Office

CARACAS – Mar 28, 2019 @ 21:45 – The head of the Venezuelan comptroller department, Elvis Amoroso, announced that Juan Guaido who illegally proclaimed himself president, has been officially stripped of office as chairman of the National Assembly, including the introduction of a ban on holding any public office for 15 years,
According to the portal Noticias24, a check on the property and finances belonging to Guaido showed that he made more than 90 foreign trips for a total of 300 million Bolivars, which is roughly $30 million dollars . And it is not known by what means they were paid.
In Venezuela on January 21st, mass protests organized by the United States began against President Nicolas Maduro shortly after he was sworn in. The speaker of the National Assembly, and U.S controlled opposition leader Guaido, illegally declared himself the interim head of state. It appears the latest move of the Venezuelan government, stripping him of his post and banning him from public office, is a response to his call for public violence, termed ‘tactical actions’ on April 6th.

The self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, intends to conduct “tactical actions” in the country on April 6 in order to overthrow the elected president, Nicolas Maduro . This was announced by the opposition through Twitter.

“On this day, we should be ready and organized, with the aid and freedom committees already formed. Venezuela’s rescue is in our hands! ” Wrote Guaido.

In addition, he called on residents of the country to come out on March 30 to protest against the lack of social guarantees and to demand “an end to the usurpation of power.”

The political situation escalated in Venezuela in January after, during the protests, Guaido called himself the interim president of the country. He was supported by the United States and other countries, but many, including Russia, refused to recognize the oppositionist as the legitimate head of state.

It is likely that his being stripped of his position and the right to hold future office is connected to a major investigation into treason, sedition, and planning to illegally overthrow the government with the assistance of a foreign power.



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