BREAKING: Venezuelan Prosecutors May Indict Guaido on Electric-grid Terrorism Charges

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CARACAS – Published on: Mar 13, 2019 @ 14:26 – Along with reports about the resumption of electricity supply “across the country” from Venezuela today, March 13, there are reports that the authorities of the Bolivarian Republic have plans to stop the potentially  illegal and anti-state activities of the self-declared opposition leader, the U.S-proclaimed President Juan Guaido.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab has revealed this morning that Guaido is under investigation on charges of sabotaging the national grid.

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The statement of the head of the law enforcement agency aggravated the confrontation between the current government headed by President Nicolas Maduro and the U.S backed pretender “interim head of state” Juan Guaido, who was recognized as such by the United States and about 50 countries in Latin America and Europe. Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, doubts remain as to how decisively the Venezuelan authorities will act against the “instigator” of electrical sabotage.

Against the background of a most difficult situation in the South American country, the continuing opposition of the former National Assembly chair of Venezuela, headed by the so-called “interim president” Juan Guaido, previously announced, though without any standing or practical authority, that a state of emergency is being imposed on the night of March 12th for a period of 30 days (Estado de Alarma) .

“Paralyzed hospitals and ambulance stations, lack of water and food, idle transport lead to death and misfortune,” said Guaido, adding that he calls on all Venezuelans to once again organize a mass protest throughout the country demanding early free elections and removal of Maduro from government. Prior to the media spectacle created by foreign powers surrounding Guaido’s failed attempt at usurpation, he was known by name by less than 5% of the Venezuelan population. Today, due to media coverage, is he is known by over a quarter of the population, though this doesn’t establish whether he is popular.

Since March 7th, when a large-scale failure occurred at the Venezuelan hydropower plant “Guri”, more than 20 states, including the capital of the country, have been left without electricity. The Venezuelan government established that the cause of the incident was a terrorist attack by the United States.

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According to information obtained by FRN from experts following this story, it appears that a foreign agent working for or in concert with, the United States, got into the PLC controllers on the twelve gigawatt hydroelectric Guri dam. They attacked the systems that regulated water flow through the valves on the dam that send the water to the turbines. This is precisely the type of attack that the Stuxnet virus was supposed to be made for.

They opened the vales all the way. The virus planted, then fed data to the engineers, via the readouts, that the water flows and turbine speeds were normal. With an enormous amount of pressure from the dam, the turbines managed to push ahead of phase on the rest of the Venezuelan grid, got into an enormous tug-of-war with power stations elsewhere (after viruses also turned the protection off) and blew the system up, tripping a nationwide blackout with long term severe damage. This damage has only now been mostly repaired, a week later.

Several Venezuelans managed to tweet out that the turbines at Guri went over frequency, we are informed, but that those tweets have now been expunged.

It is essentially assured that the US was involved in this, to the point where there is no plausible deniability, especially after Pompeo’s tweet immediately after, a victory gloat.

The US has been promoting the falsity that Venezuela’s grid was in poor condition, which is misinformation. This has been looked at by experts, and rather, Venezuela’s system was among the most modern grids in the world. Venezuela began their own system of electricity in small regions, using their own experts, within a decade of the invention of direct current electrical lighting systems. The Guri dam facility, taking into account its upgrades, is essentially a 2010 system.

It should not, hypothetically, be difficult for Venezuelan prosecutors to tie the Guri dam incident to Guaido and his circle of direct handlers who work from the US State Department, and are the ‘usual suspects’ when it comes to ‘regime change’ operations.

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