BREAKING: VIDEO Massive Explosions Rock Ukrainian Town

Sabotage or Negligence?


KIROVOGRAD, Ukraine – Mar 27, 2019 @ 22:59 – In Kirovograd several powerful explosions have just been documented, that generated some very large balls of fire, in the form of a mushroom cloud. At the time of publication there is no information about any injuries. As a result of the explosions, a fire began near the Kievskaya street in the town itself. The map below indicates the location of the down, it is quite far from the line of contact, and is well within Kiev controlled territory in Ukraine.


As a result, a state of emergency was declared in the district Kovalevka, which remained without electricity. A blast wave smashed windows in the neighboring houses. Elections will be held in just four days, and the sitting president, the U.S installed coup leader Poroshenko, is trailing significantly in polls. While many experts have stated that a nation-wide state of emergency would help him put-off elections while he holds onto power, it is possible that any number of scenarios involving regional or local states of emergency could be used to his own advantage.

It is important to mention that the 3rd regiment of special forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is stationed in Kirovograd.

This event could be the result of a munitions depot exploding due to poor maintenance, as has happened before. It could also be the result of sabotage from disgruntled Ukrainian soldiers, who have the highest desertion rate in any army in the world today – morale is very low and the army has among the highest suicide rates next to the U.S army. One issue is that moneys that had been established for the maintenance of the military were found to have been siphoned off by corrupt officials and oligarchs, leaving the Ukrainian military without sufficient resources to safely maintain armories and munitions depots.




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