China Ready to Aid Venezuela After Cyber Attacks on Hydro-power Plants


China is ready to assist Venezuela in restoring the power supply system, Lu Kahn, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said today, March 13ty .

Earlier, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that he intends to ask the authorities of Russia, China, Iran and Cuba, as well as the UN, to support the investigation of the recent cyber attack on the country’s power system, which led to a massive outage of electricity for most of the Bolivarian Republic for several days.

“China is ready to provide Venezuela with assistance and technical support in rebuilding the energy supply system,” said Lu Kahn at a briefing.

Answering the question whether China can send specialists to participate in the investigation, the diplomat said that he has no information on this so far. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman also expressed concern over reports that the cause of the accident was a cyber attack on the power grid.

“We hope that the Venezuelan side will investigate the causes of this accident as soon as possible and restore energy supply and public order,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

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Recall that on March 7th, a major terrorist attack occurred at the Guri hydropower plant, the largest in Venezuela, covering up to 80% of the country’s electricity needs. Because of the blackout that followed, which has already been called the largest in the history of the South American republic, at least twenty of its 23 states were de-energized. The Venezuelan government confirmed that the cause of the incident was sabotage by the United States.

The accident hit the transport system and public utilities, including water supply, in the strongest way. The lack of pwoer also led to the fact that the Venezuelan government announced 8, 11 and 12 March days off.

The day before, the Vice-President, Minister of Communications and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, said that the work of the power grids was almost completely restored throughout the country.

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