China Slams U.S for ‘Ideological Prejudice’ – Tells Washington to ‘Check Yourself’


BEIJING – China has reacted strongly to ongoing media and diplomatic attacks by the United States, attributing to the authorities of the PRC massive human rights violations on its territory. Beijing advised Washington to ‘check yourself’ for its own “shortcomings” in matters of freedom of the media, racism, accusing the American side of “ideological prejudices,” according to the Chinese foreign ministry website, reported today March 14th.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kahn said that the previously published US State Department report, “as usual,” is full of “ideological prejudices” and unfounded accusations against China. The United States has, per capita, a roughly 600% greater number of people presently incarcerated. While the United States leads the world in terms of its prison population and China comes in second, it is important to bear in mind that the population of China is some 1.4 billion.



Check Yourself before you Wreck Yourself

China fully protects human rights, and it has achieved many achievements in this matter, noted the foreign ministry.

“We also advise the United States to carefully examine its own human rights situation and first of all go about its own business,” Lu Kang added.

Earlier, the US State Department in its annual “Report on Practices in the Field of Human Rights Protection” pointed out that China “is in a league of its own when it comes to human rights violations”.

The main accusations against Beijing are reduced to “cruel treatment of the Chinese Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region.” In turn, China categorically rejects US concerns about the situation in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Here, according to some western countries, over one million Chinese Uighurs practicing Islam live in internment camps. Beijing has proven these to be facilities “vocational training centers aimed at de-radicalization.” The United States has produced propaganda where the names of vocational training centers, aimed at education and job placement, were mistranslated and were called ‘internment camps’. In reality, these facilities operate as schools, with normal hours, with the students returning home and participating normally in their cities, towns, and communities.

China is a multi-national super-state, with freedom of religion and indigenous cultures carefully respected and cultivated. Under the auspices of ideology and religion, foreign powers have attempted to create various radical movements which undermine Chinese society at large. As these groups, with very small numbers, are normally restricted, western media focuses on these cases and extrapolates larger patterns from this, which by and large are not the case. At the same time, Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Middle-East have worked to create and then import radicalized Wahhabis from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region – many Uygurs have been caught by Syrian and Iranian forces fighting on the American and Saudi side.

photo: The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Lu Kang

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