Contract signed for Russia’s first private spaceport

Rocket to Gagarin's orbit altitude


NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 6 Mar. – RIA Novosti. The Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Cosmocourse Company have signed an agreement on the construction of the first Russian private cosmodrome. Ria Novosti has this information from the regional government’s press service.
Tatarstan was also in consideration for the site.
It is planned that suborbital tourist rockets will be launched from the spaceport. The flights are to last approximately 15 minutes. Tourists will spend a third of this time in zero gravity. The cost of the ticket is to be approximately 200-250 thousand dollars.
Cosmocourse already has a Roscosmos license for space activities. For a flight to an altitude of 200 kilometers, the company is developing a single-stage return missile and a seven-seater spacecraft.
It is expected that the first launch will take place in 2025. It is planned to invest 2.6 billion rubles in private investment in the project. Now the actual site is being selected for the construction of the complex.

In December, Cosmocourse announced the start of testing elements of its own liquid-propellant rocket engine:
“We have done live-fluid tests of a self-developed injection nozzle head. During the tests, the complex work of the stand and its control system was verified. The first results were also obtained on the quality of the spray of the nozzle head itself. Further testing of the nozzle head will continue in January 2019 after the elimination of the revealed remarks on the work of the stand.

Vedomosti adds further information:

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“Cosmocourse” wants to organize excursions to the altitude of Gagarin’s orbit (180–220 km) along an open path, according to its website. To this end, they intend to develop a reusable launch vehicle and a reusable spacecraft for seven seats (six tourists plus an instructor)

Cosmocourse was created in 2014. It is owned by Pavel Pushkin, General Director of the company (30%) and by Alexander Tukatsinsky (70%), who for many years served on the boards of directors of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMK) and its large asset Kuzbassrazrezugol. A top manager of one of the Roscosmos companies told Vedomosti the investor of Cosmocourse is UMMC – more precisely, the co-owner of UMMC Iskander Makhmudov,.
The investor is a businessman from the Forbes list, fascinated by space, Pushkin noted in an interview with this publication in 2016. The Russian company plans to send tourists into space for the equivalent of $200,000.

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