EXPOSED: Little Marco Rubio’s NARCO-TRAFFICKING Cartel Connections that Made his Career


Disgraced republican senator, Marco Rubio wrote his memoirs in a book that he named “An American Son”, published in 2012. In the book, he barely made mention that his brother-in-law was a proven drug lord and the whole family (from Cuban origin and based in Miami) knew it.

In a piece from the Washington Post of 2015, the story of Orlando Cicilia, husband of Barbara, an older sister of the Republican senator, is released. Cicilia was the figurehead and operator of the narcotics circuit, specifically cocaine, at the time of its peak in the US, when Miami was considered the capital of cocaine in the United States.

Specifically, Cicilia worked for Mario Tabraue, another Cuban-born drug dealer, who was raided by a house called by the federal agents “La mansion Playboy”, where they found drugs, heavy weapons and two leopards owned by the capo, who wanted to be like Pablo Escobar. During the operation in which Cicilia was arrested, Tabraue was also arrested.

They were almost in their twilight the 80’s, when Orlando Cicilia was captured from a raid on a building adjacent to the family of Rubio. The wealthy “businessman” who appeared to be Orlando Cicilia and his closest group, had on their back accusations, among which was the murder of Larry Nash, an undercover informant of what was then the ATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, attached to the FBI, in 1980.

At the time of falling into the hands of justice, Orlando Cicilia (also of Cuban origin), Marco Rubio was just 16 years old. But its family atmosphere was already quite “murky,” says the British tabloid Daily Mail .

The suspicions of the American media directed towards Rubio lie about the role played by Barbara Rubio in the rise of that family in the 80’s, just in times of the “greater prosperity” of her husband Orlando. The approach is obvious: it is a family that reached privileges thanks to the permission of their political relative.

Rubio’s political rise always had a black cloud around it. A reviewer in the Washington Post who was once spokesman for Rubio, Todd Harris, said Rubio “was only 16 at the time of arrest and sees this as a family and intimate private matter, and these events that took place almost 30 years ago ” In several interviews and during his political rise, Rubio refused to answer media questions about whether Orlando Cicilia provided financial support to him or his family.


The controversy of this case surrounds Rubio, not because it is inappropriate behavior of a political relative at a time when Rubio was a teenager. The controversy falls on the events that have taken place after the launching of Rubio’s political career. The senator, member of the most rancid Cuban-Miami circle, has been indicated in helping his brother-in-law with judicial help by using his political ascent for these purposes.

Orlando Cicilia, famed for being one of the most conspicuous drug traffickers in Miami, received a lot of attention at the time and was sentenced to more than 35 years in prison . But Cicilia was barely in for 12 years when he was let fully free, right when Marco Rubio ascended as a representative to the United States Congress in 2000. Orlando Cicilia was released from prison barely four days after Rubio took the post of deputy.

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The former head of Orlando, Mario Tabraue, who was looking at a penalty of 100 years in prison for his crimes, was released from prison in 2003, with only 15 years of punishment.

Marco Rubio on several occasions has been rebuked for the great judicial favors that Orlando Cicilia received, a question that he has vehemently avoided and other times when asked directly, denied.

Todd Harris, Rubio’s spokesman, has even written to the Washington Post stating that under no circumstances should that newspaper say that Cicilia has ever received the favor of her brother-in-law, since Cicilia and Barbara Rubio remained married and sentimentally united during the 12 years of imprisonment.

According to the Washington Post in the years following the arrest of the drug trafficker, the Cicilia and Rubio families “have remained deeply intertwined personally, financially, politically and emotionally.” Rubio’s political team complained vehemently when Cicilia’s “forgotten” case was the subject of a 2011 report by the Univision Spanish-language television network, meaning the senator is an open practitioner of censorship on his own country. To this day Orlando Cicilia has been publicly seen as part of his brother-in-law’s political team.


Marco Rubio is the main promoter, along with John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence, of the siege and calls for military intervention against Venezuela. All operate as agents of chaos and promote a coup agenda that moves from Cuba to Bolivia. Its objectives are the countries of the ALBA and act with special emphasis on Venezuela. 

He is a shady politician, whose family background is interwoven with a well-reported influence peddling and cover-up of criminal factors. A question that blurs him as a disinterested politician on the rise dedicated to the defense of democracy in Venezuela, via sanctions, financial blockade and calls for military intervention. The publication of images that recalls the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, in clear threat to President Nicolás Maduro, confirms that his proclivities are criminal and ‘Narco’ in origin. 


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