FLORES: Does Fort Russ News Engage in Fear Mongering?


FRN is unlike many news sources in several ways. Ultimately, we have a message that another world is possible, and not only that, there are signs of it everywhere. FRN hopes to be something of a beacon, a lighthouse for ships at sea, and a safe harbor for those who have found us. We need to grab your attention, at your base level. One reality is that many people respond more to fear than to hope. Hopes just seem so unreal compared to the bona fide threats we face everyday. Worse, when a certain disgraced politician ran on a campaign of hope, the result was not a rebirth of hope, but a decided spike in cynicism when he too turned out to be yet another liar. In manipulating our hopes, he gave us in fact much more to fear.

And what is hope? The English language can sometimes be imprecise and indeed entirely misleading. There is both active and passive hope, and these two conditions are practically unrelated.

When we say FRN hopes to be a beacon for ships at sea, this is an active hope, we are pushing. We are fighting, and hoping to win in our fight. It is aspirational hope.

But when it is said ‘Well, we can only hope things turn out okay’ – this is passive hope. It is an expression of the vanquished, it is saying that we have nothing left that we can do, all we can do is hope. It is defeat sugarcoated, it is the last sigh of exhaustion, somehow calling itself ‘hope’.

How can one word refer to two such opposite realities? This I do not know.

Modernity has produced the present techno-industrial leviathan, a great nothingness which threatens to consume us, and to blind us from the spark of divinity that lays in the hearts of each human being.

The following short from a long-time contributing writer, contains some salient points and deserves some attention. To be clear, Denis Churilov wasn’t referring to FRN in his social-media post. 

Any casual FRN reader might find our publishing of this excellent short to be even hypocritical. After all, doesn’t FRN produce articles about the real state of the world today which indeed can induce some fear and anxiety? It’s well known that ‘man bites dog’ is news, and not the other way around. There is also something to say about our geopolitical event coverage and war reporting, and what this interest is based in.  We humans are complex, and on the most important level, people are following these events because they represent dangers and travesties which we want to see and ultimate end to. These are good motivations. At the same time, we are hard-wired to respond to danger.

Indeed, fear and anxiety-inducing events catch many people’s interest. What the author refers to below are ‘amygdala responses’ – these are the base Four F responses that always catch people’s attention, and is used across all media precisely to catch this attention. Those Four F amygdala triggers are ‘Fighting, Fleeing, F*cking and Feeding’. Just look at the internet, and most everything revolves around that. FRN is ‘guilty’ of news which triggers this, but we may be unique in openly recognizing that this is the case. So why do we do it?

The truth is that we live in a world filled with hate and ugliness. 

But there is another truth too – we live in a world filled with love and beauty. And we need to bring more of it into the world. FRN’s avid readers know well and understand the real point to our approach. 

We can find it in ourselves, and we can find it in others. Even in those we believe to be our enemies, we can realize at times we’ve merely projected our own fears about our own characters onto others. 

Every day we create and recreate the world around us, through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Especially actions.

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Things will change, either for the better, or for the worse. But things will change. In our reality, here on this plane of existence, at times seemingly so far from the divine creator, we live in motion. Without motion, all events would happen at once. This is an inescapable condition of our reality. And so indeed as it is said, the only constant is change. In what way will you help to see things change for the better?

You can live for yourself today, or help build tomorrow for everyone.

Complacency and perpetual indecision, the quest for perfect answers as a pre-condition for active resistance to the problem which is ‘now’, is the only real guarantor that this problem will only metastasize.  We all know what the problem is and doesn’t need further explanation.

Our hope is that our message can spread, to reinforce the truth that this is your world, your people. When we understand the ancient wisdom that the individual is both real and illusory, that we are all intrinsically connected and share a single genesis, we will have come a long way.

Published on: Mar 5, 2019 @ 13:32


Denis Churilov

Propaganda can really cripple people’s ability to think and function in their daily life.

If you constantly agitate impressionable people, making them fear or hate someone or something, they are going to feel stressed (obviously). Stressed people have increased cortisol levels in their bloodstream. It keeps their system alert, creating sleep issues and making it increasingly difficult to calm down and think rationally, thus making them even more susceptible to manipulation.

Constant stress is also likely to exacerbate the pre-existing health issues, both physical and mental.

When the media bombards people with constant stream of fear-mongering propaganda, it sets their minds and bodies into a constant fight-freeze-or-flight mode. They become anxious, fixated on things, loosing their ability to see the world from a wider perspective.

Add to this the social effect, whereby everyone around you is agitated as well, so the stress amplifies itself in an echo-chamber. And imagine if it goes for many weeks, or even months (if not years).

If mass hysteria is prolonged, people risk developing some long-term changes in their brain, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder and all the other kinds of psychopathology.

I really hope that one day mass media propaganda (with all the subtle psychological techniques of persuasion that do mess with your cognitive processes) is going to be classified as a psychological weapon of mass distraction, and treated accordingly, in legal terms.

That is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future, though, given that the wealth (and, therefore, power) has been concentrating in the hands of fewer and fewer super-rich individuals and corporations who use their media assets to fulfill their own interests, which, as the history shows over and over again, contradict the interests of common people.

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