FLORES: Enter Nestor Makhno – Ukraine’s Kiev Junta plays at ‘National Anarchism’

Europe's Rejection of Bandera leads Kiev straight to Makhno


Europe’s Rejection of Bandera leads Kiev straight to Makhno

Ukraine has a serious image problem on its hands – in its vain search for a ‘national identity’ in a country whose name simply means ‘borderland’, it was natural that nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera would take center stage.  This pro-Nazi, that is ‘European’ identity, which the U.S coup-installed Ukrainian leaders have promoted everywhere possible, and have largely re-legitimized, isn’t boding too well with the majority of EU denizens. 

It’s difficult to tell the story that Russia’s Putin leads a ‘far-right state’, when the primary focus of its regional efforts have been to normalize the volatile situation in Ukraine – led by actual ‘right right’ leaders and a ‘neo-nazi’ dominated parliament.

This is why Ukraine is looking to fully rehabilitate Makhno, as they did previously with Bandera. 

Russophobia is an amorphous and tricky thing – on the American left, Russia can be attacked for its neo-Monarchist symbolism, the prevalence of private industry, the rehabilitation of the Orthodox Church, its ostensible ‘imperialism’ in Chechnya, Georgia, and now Ukraine.

On the right, Russia is a crypto-Mongol subversive plot against Western civilization, first openly as a ‘Judeo-Bolshevik’ communist springboard that threatened Western Christian civilization in the form of the USSR, and today, the same, if only in a sneaky, subtle, disguised form.

It’s been difficult to talk about ‘growing nationalism’ in Russia while ignoring that most of these ‘nationalist’ forces have thrown their weight behind squashing the actual Nazi-Banderistan abomination that is contemporary the Ukrainian government. And its so very odd that these Russian ‘nationalists’ wrap themselves in Soviet symbolism in pure hagiographic form, without a hint of irony – because as everyone knows, the USSR was a far-right state. Of course. At least that’s true in the strange genus of western radical liberalism, species ‘Anarchism’.

We can always tell the difference, in any country, between the genuine left and the state department left. They may talk good on labor, equal opportunity, and the environment, but as soon as we hear that ‘Assad is a dictator’ or that ‘Russian aggression in Ukraine must end’, we know we are dealing with a seriously compromised, state department backed, ‘left’. Let’s call that the fake left, as we always have.

What we are seeing in the U.S is a realignment of the Democrat Party forces, in an attempt to fake a ‘push left’ and ‘appeal to radicalized younger voters’. This has meant a de facto alliance between mainstream imperial American ”Anarchism” in the form of Antifa, and the Democrat Party. These anarchists are acceptable so long as they push four things: gender divisions/confusions, opposing ‘class reductionism’ (i.e opposing support for the working class itself), Russophobia, and Islamophilia (except when its Shia Islam, because ‘Iran’). The last part is the most condescending – these Anarchists oppose religion in all its forms, but mirror the view of Christian Zionists, except apply it to Islam.

Christian Zionists ‘love Jews’ not because they love Judaism, but because they view Jews as the most important people to win over to Protestantism. And then the world ends.

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Likewise, Left-wing Islamophilia is based on the presupposition that people are Muslim because they are ignorant, economically depressed, and culturally backwards. Once they are properly secularized, modernized, and westernized, they’ll stop this nonsense about the prophet Mohammed (pbuh). And then history ends. Ibid.

In order to re-brand Ukraine, and make it acceptable for the ‘new thrust’ in the Democrat Party – the time of the fake Anarchist who votes Democrat – in order to have this align more smoothly with Russophobia, it’s necessary to forget about Bandera, and re-brand Ukrainian (and American) Russophobia along fake Anarchist lines. Enter Nestor Makhno.

The authorities of the Ukrainian city of Guliaipole (Zaporizhzhya region) have expressed their desire to return the ashes of the revolutionary anarchist Nestor Makhno from France to Ukraine, and this news will soon be a big talking point in the Western fake Anarchist left. 

“We have prepared all the necessary documents for the carriage of the ashes of Nestor Makhno in Gulyaypole. <…> On our side, all documents are ready, there is a statement from Nestor Makhno’s grand-nephew upon the return of his ancestor’s ashes to his homeland,” head of the district administration, Alexander Ischenko said, adding that local authorities are currently awaiting a response from the French side.

According to him, Makhno is a world-class historical figure, therefore he is a “brand” for the Ukrainian city. Indeed, he’s a desperately needed ‘new brand’ for Ukraine itself. 

Nestor Makhno was born in Gulyaypole in 1888. He became known during the civil war of 1917–1922 in Russia. He led the peasant rebel army. After the victory of the Communists refused to join the Red Army and went to Europe. He died in Paris at the age of 45. The ashes of the revolutionary are kept in an urn in the Wall of the Communards at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the French capital. In 2008, a monument was erected in the town of Huliaipole in honor of the 120th anniversary of Makhno.

Makhno is venerated by Anarchists as an ‘anti-Bolshevik’ freedom fighter – a lot like Bandera, but with left-wing credentials. In reality, Makhno engaged in summary executions of suspected opponents, used grain requisitions to force whole villages under the black flag, and behaved according to the logic of realism and war, not anarchism and idealism. This is understood, even expected – but beware the coming re-branding of Ukraine as a ‘Makhno’ state.

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