FLORES: If There Are Fascists, It’s CounterPunch and Jacobin – The Real Problem is This System and its Guardians


Published on: Mar 22, 2019 @ 15:26

There is no fascist threat, only the American system of late modernity which is ruining lives and killing innocent people at home and abroad, here and now. The managers of this society learned from liberalism, it learned from fascism, it learned from Marxism – but only the worst things for people, whatever could better master the system of control.

The present system is a hodgepodge of the ‘best’ components of those 19th and 20th century systems. It all is in place to keep capitalism and unjust hierarchies alive and going.

Fascism is said to be a middle-class movement frightened by changes,  based on ideas from the past century with an aim to bring those back to life, which was operationalized by the ruling class against a movement of the disenfranchised, and used Xenophobic, Russophobic tropes and memes to say that the populist movement was a foreign conspiracy.  There’s something eerily similar to that today, and its the middle-class campaign waged by so-called progressives over at CounterPunch.

⇒ Middle-class movement frightened by changes, check.

⇒ Based on ideas of the last century, with an aim to bring them back to life, check

⇒ Operationalized by organs of the ruling class (the Atlantic Council, NGO industrial complex, compromised academia, social media and other platforms, FBI, CIA, NSA), check.

⇒ Using this against  a movement of the disenfranchised to silence them, check

⇒ Using the pretext that they are actually threatening society by acting as agents of a foreign country, employing Russophobic, Xenophobic tropes and memes, again Russia(!), check. 

Leftists understood fascists a hundred years ago, to be misled radicals and the shrinking middle-class activists who were operationalized by the state to fight the ‘communist threat’. This ‘communist threat’ was short-hand Xenophobism for the geoeconomic threat to imperialism posed by the USSR, and it was used to silence the genuine labor-left when there was one. The ‘Russian threat’, the communist threat – now the ‘fascist threat’ of s0-called Duginism – then and now, is a middle-class delusion, in the 20’s and 30’s of the Lost Generation, and now the Boomer generation.

If there are any fascists, by that definition – those who mislead radicals and who operationalize them for the state to crush popular movements with the state institutions on their side – then those fascists are CounterPunch and Jacobin. 


The result is this pharmacologic surveillance state. The science of sociology and medicine has been turned against people. Society and people have come to have opposing interests. Over 2,000 years ago, technology was at a more primitive stage, and so society and people meant roughly the same thing: if it was good for society, it was good for the people. But over time, as technologies changed society, society took on a life of its own. The interests of the classes in society moved farther and farther apart, until we reached the here and now. Society has come to mean the interests of the ruling class, and it’s at war with the very people it claims to act in the interest of.

Why is there no fascist threat?

Perhaps the best term for the society we have is a ‘police state’, for short, but it so heavily relies on mind-numbing drugs from the SSRI family, and the entertainment industrial complex, that the term ‘police state’ by itself doesn’t fully describe it. But there is no fascist threat.

But saying that there is a fascist threat presupposes a position of increasingly unique privilege. And those who pander to this, but must know better, are the lowest of the low.

The whole concept of a ‘threat‘ implies that the problem is on the horizon. I find this terribly problematic on numerous counts, but primarily it’s because it gives the present, and very real problem, a pass. It turns people who ought to be fighting against this present problem by uniting with all who can be united, into guardians of the present order, preservers of the status quo – since after all, the threat is what’s coming.

Each Supreme Court ruling after the next guaranteed that government and corporations were above the constitution. The situation wasn’t beautiful before, but after 9/11 and the Patriot Act and so on, I remember how it went down.

The system first made an example out of this young anarchist kid I used to know back in 1999 named Sherman Austin. On AIM his handle was ‘RaiseTheFist’. I was a 21 year old communist youth at the time, and he must have been about 16. There was a lot of interaction between communists and anarchists in those days, as there are now, but focus was still on opposing the police state, imperialism, and promoting the class struggle.

The gender bender stuff wasn’t a thing yet, and crust-punks, vegans and animal rights activists weren’t too numerous and weren’t considered legit by anyone then, at least not in urban centers. That was definitely just a NorCal and Pacific Northwest phenomenon at the time. This wasn’t yet happening yet in Tennessee or Ohio to people being toxified by plastics and other pseudo-estrogens. Veganism wasn’t actively being promoted by state institutions like the World Health Organization yet. On the deep-end of the vegan and crust thing along with the anarchists were some of these pagan and wicca types, and all the alt-right ‘eco-fascism’ stuff that goes with that crusty/gothy milieu were there all along. So that’s not new at all.

Virtue signalling wasn’t a thing, and being spontaneously offended all the time wasn’t a thing either. There was a low-key victim olympics at play, and the gay thing was already a thing, but it wasn’t the central focus. Obese lesbians on the left were always cantankerous, but tumbler didn’t exist and the internet wasn’t as big, and since in real-life you have to get along with people in order to get along, they were pretty readily ejected from any serious meeting once they made their own ‘is-ness’ the central focus of everyone else’s reality.

But the idea that there was some ‘fascist creep’ then, as now, was and is utter nonsense.

Opportunistic Gen Xers and Millennials write for Boomer sites like CounterPunch because that’s where the money is. It’s also where the State Department talking points are. Just like Amy Goodman and her fake ‘Democracy Now’, where Color-Revolutionary jihadist co-horts posing as ‘progressive’ types got to spout their propaganda at Boomers – and again ‘magically’ we had some illusion that there was something inherently good in the anti-Gaddafi protests or the anti-Assad protests. Back then we called it, back then we were right, and history vindicated us, and decidedly proved the subsidized boomers all wrong.

Sherman was into ‘propaganda of the deed’. As communists, we opposed that tactic for numerous reasons. Primarily because it’s based in historic defeatism, a view resulting from a pessimism in the prospects of the class struggle, and the deed is rooted in individualism, and the results were always used by the state as a pretext to further clamp down on all anti-capitalist militants. I had some good interactions with Sherman trying to explain that to him.

Sherman had a website also called the RaiseTheFist, and on that site he had hundreds of links to other sites of interest. One of those sites was the ‘Anarchist Cookbook’, which has recipes for credit card scams and also bomb making. The ‘Anarchist Cookbook’ was a DIY manual that used to be available on baud sites on the pre-internet days. For this he faced 20 years in prison, but took a plea deal and did a year plus three years probation. Before you say ‘not too bad’, remember that he didn’t do anything. It wasn’t fascism that did this to him, that made him an example. It was this system, then and now, in the here and now. Not a future threat of fascism, but the police-state today. 

He didn’t do anything that you haven’t also done, intentionally or inadvertently. People right now are in a quiet uproar over the decrees in New Zealand and England promising prison time for sharing, hosting, or even liking a post containing the video of the terrorist who went on the Chirstchurch rampage. But this has been the law in the U.S for almost 20 years.

You see, Sherman’s conviction was never successfully challenged. In the aftermath we’d see the NSA do more warrant-less taps, the surveillance state grew and grew. At airports people get molested by these Homeland Security people. And you realize it’s not only a police state, but one manned on the ground floor by actual low functioning types. Citizens since have been drone strike’d, disappeared, Guantanamo’d. There isn’t a fascist threat, but there is the reality you live in.

Maybe it’s a rural thing, maybe it’s a boomer thing, maybe it’s a class thing. But people who think there’s a fascist threat, and think it’s a populism problem, are either fools or liars.

Anything and everything is, or potentially is, terrorism now. Who knows how FISA courts have been further empowered, they can do practically anything  – so statutes of limitation for things I guarantee you have already done, can probably be extended indefinitely where matters of ‘national security’ are concerned.

Back in the 90’s and 00’s there was still an anarchist and communist movement. It was doomed, to be sure, but that wasn’t obvious to us youthful idealists then. There were already books out like ‘The End of Work‘ in 1995, detailing how robotics and automation was going to eliminate the working class. In the US, once working class cities like Los Angeles and Detroit had been gutted out, as jobs were sent overseas, mainly to China, India, and Latin America where labor costs were cheaper. There was decreasingly a material basis for labor militancy, and working class struggle.

But at the time, anything seemed possible. Still, we began to notice movements picking up steam. The US occupation in Iraq started to flounder, and the resistance there began to make some victories. Connected to this also was especially Hezbollah in Lebanon. An Axis of Resistance was forming. A lot of us by the early 2000’s began to see this. By 2006 or so, Iran and Russia launched their own English language TV networks. While a lot of us in those decades after the collapse of the USSR and the rise of ‘Market Socialism’ in China were Trotskyists and Anarchists, it increasingly looked like maybe Mao had a point.

The end of imperialism wouldn’t come from 1st world workers making revolution, but from nationalist states, national-liberation struggles, and ‘socialist’ states beating back the imperialist Atlanticist Leviathan. Putin started looking a lot less like Yeltsin, and a lot more like what we see today. Chechnya, what we knew of it, was horrifying to us then. But when Ramzan Kadyrov came to power there, it seemed to balance out. Then Russia cancelled US access to air bases needed for their Afghan and Iraq campaigns. Suddenly Putin and Russia were in the Axis of Resistance.

In the States, the gender vegan thing didn’t become a thing until it came from the universities, and that was only possible once the anti-communist ‘Marxians’ and ‘Anarchists’ finally made tenure at university in the 90’s. These were the convenient opportunists who paraded as leftists, but echoed the ‘Saddam has to go‘ and ‘Yugoslavia  wasn’t socialist‘ line, and therefore it’s not a real tragedy if we do everything short of bombing them, and for that they were rewarded with scholarships, grants, speaking tours, and finally tenure. Dropping bombs was still abhorrent, it’s too real. But sanctions – essentially laying siege until the people starve and die their way into the streets for change, (since they can’t get on a plane and protest against the U.S and its Boomers supporting ‘peaceful methods of regime change’) – that’s okay.

Radical movements in the U.S have changed significantly over the decades, more so in the last decade than any time before in my life.

We, the youth then in the 90’s and 00’s, in our urban centers, increasingly turned to illicit activities, gangs, and so on. There were no jobs, not even entry level, because a lot of fast-food places or shipping companies would rather hire ‘hard-working’ (read: defenseless, marginalized) migrants than native born Americans, black, white, yellow or brown.

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Where our parents generation, boomers, the most subsidized and rewarded generation in the known history of the world, didn’t understand the reality of the new situation, it was because they had really been bought out. Normally this was done by credit, and the promise of home-ownership. A lot of this hit the fan in 2007, but too many are still holding onto dreams. They believed in the Disney promise of Tomorrowland. No wonder con-artist charlatans like Amy Goodman, or witch-hunting rags like Jacobin and CounterPunch would house their last prophets.

The Black Panthers whom we idolized had already long ago been hit by the Feds, in their wake came Bloods and Crips over here, and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the poverty pimps over there. The Chicano movement around Lincoln Park in Los Angeles for which we have Plaza de la Raza, had already devolved into two classes 18th Street here, and the new class of ‘Hispanic’ politicians like Antonio Villaraigosa over there. New waves of migrants came from the US-backed war in El Salvador, people running from death squads alongside people who were running the death squads, fled to Los Angeles. MS 13 was born.

Hip-hop briefly held the promise that some grass-roots militancy could return, and the gang-bang scene could be remolded back into their progenitors. Maoist groups like the RCP at least thought so. But with no jobs – now automated or overseas – there could be no working class. No working class meant no working class militancy. To be clear, there remains a working class, and if pressed, and we play by genuine Marxist rules, many people are working class. But the nature of the work has changed, from production oriented to the service economy. It’s much harder to organize in the service economy, especially when half the union dues go to Democrat politicians or in the pockets of  the corrupt liberal labor bureaucracy, and with no-labor action clauses remain in union contracts.

The ruling class made a civilization-level decision many decades ago, that instead of offering a universal basic income and healthcare for all – something that would have been good – they instead would line the pockets of the HMO’s and pay an average of $40,000 a year to house a huge part of the population in prisons.  And the US has the highest prison population in the world, both statistically and in raw numbers. More than China which has 1.4 billion people, more than anywhere. Just think of how that money could have been spent better, as universal basic income and healthcare for all.

The prisons took over, inside and out. That’s not a fascist threat, that’s a police state reality here, today, and now.

That’s why it’s just lies and nonsense when some New York City opportunist, a writer at CounterPunch panders to his wealthy boomer, middle-class Democrat Party audience, about some ‘fascist threat’. He’s engaged in libel against me, against many others, and the other day against the folks at 21st Century Wire like Patrick Henningsen.

And it’s somehow magically not totally Xenophobic that this ‘fascist threat’ is coming from Russia. Like we aren’t supposed to see how these talking points magically co-align with the mainstream view from the media and the capitalist establishment.

There’s no fascist threat. There’s the present reality. The prisons were privatized and judges received campaign contributions from non-profits which in turn received funding from corporations, who in turn had other investments precisely in the private prison industry. That includes frozen food, building materials, police unions, and the prisons themselves. That already happened. That’s not a threat of something that’s going to happen. It’s not a thing that’s going to happen because of ‘populism’, it’s a thing that happened already.

The government, its institutions including academia, have lost all credibility. People are worried, and sleepless, and under stress. They don’t trust the schools they have to send their kids to, they don’t trust the vaccines the laws force doctors to give to babies, they don’t trust the police and readily share and re-tweet police abuse videos (just like you do), they don’t trust the GMO foods and pesticides, they aren’t even sure if the whole show is being run by the Illuminati and if this isn’t all part of Agenda 21! This is not populism’s fault. This is capitalism’s fault – the ruling class’s fault – for ruining society, breaking the faith, and abusing its institutions until all institutions lost legitimacy.

The left is still correct that targeting immigrants is wrong, because it targets people and not the institutions compelling mass migration. Likewise, targeting other disenfranchised people, just because you can call them ‘alt-right’ or adjacent, NazBol, Duginist, Stalinist, Assad Fetishist, preppers, and so forth, is still just targeting people, and not the institutions that have broken the faith. There was a social contract, and the capitalist class broke it – they were bound to break it, always have and always will. This is the result. It’s not populism. Populism is what the genuine left always must seek communion with, it’s a hard course towards this ecumenism, but it’s essential to be in the right fight alongside the people. There is no fascist threat, there is only here and now. There is no fascist threat, it is only the people versus the unjust powers that be. Society lost its legitimacy.

Which side are you on?

That’s where it comes from, and that’s what we have today. This is all planned phenomenon, nothing happens by accident. The middle-class and the academic elites have once again turned their fire upon the people themselves. That’s what you have at CounterPunch. I hold these people to be willfully criminal, or criminally negligent.

I’m not the biggest fan of generational warfare and other Tavistock Institute exploits, but there are some big differences between the Boomer generation one the one hand, and generation X and Millennials.

Opportunistic Gen Xers and Millennials write for Boomer sites like CounterPunch because that’s where the money is. It’s also where the State Department talking points are. Just like Amy Goodman and her fake ‘Democracy Now’, where Color-Revolutionary jihadist co-horts posing as ‘progressive’ types got to spout their propaganda at Boomers – and again ‘magically’ we had some illusion that there was something inherently good in the anti-Gaddafi protests or the anti-Assad protests. Back then we called it, back then we were right, and history vindicated us, and decidedly proved the subsidized boomers all wrong.

These are people who still read the New York Times book review, and think NPR is ‘left-wing’. For them, CounterPunch and Jacobin are some great social-democratic peaceful revolution in the making,  but first they can win by fighting the ‘fascist creep’, by using all the violence the state allows them to employ. Physical, psychological, economic, and social violence. In their view, social-democracy will come more-or-less peacefully by way of the obviously clean and fair elections, if we can only punch a nazi to see it be so.

It doesn’t occur to them that a hundred years ago, what made fascists, in the eyes of the left, a threat was not the symbols and discourse of fascism in the abstract, but their class foundation in the middle-class and petit-bourgeoisie, and overt support from the state. But it’s today’s anti-fascist witch-hunters who are the last of the middle-class, and who receive the overt support from the state. Substitute ‘Alt-Right Adjacent’, ‘NazBol’ or ‘Assad Fetishist’ today for ‘Communist’ yesterday and you can see the same middle-class in crisis, lashing out against some allegedly foreign conspiratorial populist movement, now as then.

This is merely McCarthyism 2.0, donning the disguise of progressivism. And the ‘Alt-Right Adjacent’ and ‘Red-Brown’ today is largely the disenfranchised masses donning the disguises of lost, defeated, and ostensibly misunderstood ideologies of yesteryear. Probably because they themselves feel lost, defeated, and misunderstood.

The liberals who want to defend ‘this’ society do so because they have something to defend. They have Co-Exist bumper stickers, and yeah they still  have cars – Toyota Priuses, and they take canvas shopping bags to Whole Foods. That makes them not the radicals, but the ‘conservatives’ – the guardians and protectors of this society. Those holding onto society in the face of a populist upsurge in  the past, we are told by the left themselves, is where fascism comes from.

Fighting fascists in the US today is for cowards, because the legitimating ideology of the police state you in fact live in is not fascism, but ‘this’, that calls itself progressive, liberal, conservative, capitalist democracy. It is all within the discourse nominally of liberalism, which includes liberal-conservatism – but not fascism.

Just as every person who calls themselves an anarchist isn’t really an anarchist if the world they fight for isn’t objectively anarchist (like how everyone connected with AK Press aren’t real anarchists), even disenfranchised youth who *think* of themselves as fascists, aren’t likely to be fascists. Fascism, as the left understands it and used to define it, is not just materially impossible now (because there isn’t a sizable petit-bourgeoisie) – it’s also socially and technologically just not how the ruling class uses power in 2019.

There is no fascist threat, there is not a fascist threat. Fascism, even as the left ought to understand it, playing by its own rules, only comes when revolutions fail. Where is the failed revolution? Obama? Please.

Fascism is based on certain technologies in the social and technical sciences, technologies and social theories that have been superseded by newer technologies and social theories. Today, advanced surveillance tech, pharmaceuticals, school and credit card debt, social stigma en masse, state and NGO sanctioned cyber-bullying, sock puppet accounts, anti-sex laws parading as pro-sex laws, and so on, are the contemporary methods of social control.

You don’t need a Gestapo to cross-examine every possible suspect when you have the internet algorithmically reading your every thought, smart-phones tracking your every move, AI’s that can literally understand the meaning of your words, spoken or typed. It’s no longer some AT&T epsilon system that picks up key words – the AI today understands, for meaning, whole blocks of speech and text.

Fascism relied on the movie-house and the radio, today the medium has changed. The medium is the message, and the message isn’t fascism. It’s today’s reality, here and now. This is your problem, not some future threat.

That’s why in reality, genuine leftists and much of the ‘alt-right’ are having the most interesting conversation in the US today. In fact, this is happening in much of the West as well.

You don’t need ‘labor camps’, the commodity production work is over-seas. You have the privatized prison industrial complex. When you talk to people on the phone for customer no-service needs, if they sound American, you can bet your bottom dollar they are doing time, that old 23 and 1, $0.35 cents an hour. Those are the labor camps.

The Social Justice Warriors, the tumbleristas, the twittersphere, the easily offended, the privilege checkers – these are the toxic, these are the guardians of the state. In fighting against a fascist threat, they only fight other regular people. We live in a time of ideological flux, new ideas are in the making, and many people are looking backwards and forwards – but ultimately they will have to look inwards and to each other to find the real answers. It only happens with patience, an open mind, and an open heart.

These university type youth represent a tiny minority of youth today. But paid liars and fools are engaged in some memetic war to convince endowment supporting Boomers that this youth represents the youth in action today. But the only actions they take are assisting the state and its various institutions in black-listing activists who are guilty of having ‘heretical’ ideological views, and opposing actual imperialism. That’s the definition of a witch-hunt.

Most radicals attacking capitalism today are instead what would be considered by the State Department sponsored fake-left as ‘alt-right adjacent’, ‘red-brown alliance’ non-reconstructed Stalinists. It makes sense that these people are interacting, seeing eye-to-eye on many things. They are, after all, the real disenfranchised people and have much more in common than not.

Punching a nazi is easy,  because it’s basically legal. You can call someone a fascist or a nazi, and basically have them lynched from the public sphere, in work, school, or on social media platforms. You may think that’s some ‘victory’, it’s a coward’s victory, and a victory for the state. Meanwhile, the actual police state lives on.

Leftists understood fascists a hundred years ago to be misled radicals and the activists of the shrinking middle-class who were operationalized by the state to fight the ‘communist threat’. This ‘communist threat’ was short-hand Xenophobism for the geoeconomic threat to imperialism posed by the USSR, and it was used to silence the genuine labor-left when there was one. The ‘Russian threat’, the communist threat – now the ‘fascist threat’ of s0-called Duginism – then and now, is a middle-class delusion, in the 20’s and 30’s of the Lost Generation, and now the Boomer generation.

If there are any fascists, by that definition – those who mislead radicals and who operationalize them for the state to crush popular movements with the state institutions on their side – then those fascists are CounterPunch and Jacobin.


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