FLORES: New Zealand’s Christchurch Tragedy – Facts, Patterns, and Pieces Tell a Problematic Story


Published on: Mar 15, 2019 @ 18:20 – There are many things just not adding up about the Christchurch Massacre, but the tragedy where several score were murdered, is explained to the public in ways that are deeply problematic. To be clear, satisfactory evidence has arrived that yes a massacre took place, and innocent people have been murdered by Tarrant and his accomplice.

This is both a crime and a tragedy, full stop. 

This is a warning not to read further if you are or think you may be susceptible to triggering by an exploration of the facts and history surrounding this case and similar. 

The constructed narrative, beyond the fact of this crime and tragedy begins to quickly present more questions than answers.

The terrorist who staged a massacre in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch – an Australian citizen Brenton Tarrant – has long been interested, we are told, in high-powered weapons, is said to have professed ultra-right and neo-Nazi views. According to Australian and New Zealand media reports, one of the working versions of the attack is the “Ukrainian nazi connection”. Another is the “Radical Islam connection”.

It is too early to count the problems presented in the officially constructed narrative. And nor would it be prudent during this age of heavy media censorship to make any judgments or pronouncements, either prematurely, or frankly at all.

But besides controlled media now promoting a  Russia-Serbia-Poland-Ukraine-Nazi connection (‘heroes’ of anti-Ottoman battles), at least one individual who worked closely with Tarrant at his day job as a personal trainer at a gym, according to Australia’s ABC news – Gym manager Tracey Gray  – said:

” He was a very dedicated personal trainer,” Ms Gray said.

“He worked in our program that offered free training to kids in the community, and he was very passionate about that.”

Ms Gray said Tarrant did not strike her as someone who had an interest in firearms.

“I think something must have changed in him during the years he spent travelling overseas,” she said.

Tarrant said he worked for a short time before making some money from Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then used the money to fund his travels.

The police claim to have found out that Tarrant was not acting alone. A 70-page manifesto of far-right content “The Great Replacement – Towards a new society. ” One of the killers explains the motives for the attack, including calls for the return of Constantinople to Christians and the destruction of all mosques in Turkey. The full text of the appeals was published by the Turkish newspaper Cumhurriet.

The number of victims of the attack on the mosques of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand reached 49 people. According to law enforcement officials, 41 people were killed in the Al-Nur mosque, seven more in the Lynwood mosque. It also reported on one victim during the shooting, who later died in hospital. During the shooting in the mosques were about 200 people. Law enforcement authorities managed to detain four suspects, including one woman.

Besides a tragedy and a terrible loss of life, his travels and transformation are quite interesting.


Those who can point out the numerous issues that become apparent in the above quote from ABC news are already read-in on the very big problems presented here, ranging from this ‘something must have changed’ during his travels (to Pakistan, North Korea see below) and how cryptocurrency is used, who uses it, and how that came to be. Unfortunately for those not read-in on this subject, we are unable to perform any informational tasks in that regard here and now.

It’s highly problematic that mainstream and the new wave of fake ‘alternative’ media websites, are promoting to left-wing audiences that he was a neo-nazi and Islamophobe, but to right-wing audiences that his manifesto and other elements of his travels connect to radical Islam, ISIS and Al Qaeda.

A Reuters summary of the event, also states:

“Nolwenn Bervas, lead terrorism analyst at the Risk Advisory Group, said the were numerous places around the internet for people such as the Christchurch attacker to congregate.

“The amount of information and propaganda linked to the far-right, far-left or jihadism is extensive and accessible,” Bervas said. “One of the Christchurch perpetrators posted his manifesto online before the attack where he wrote that he received/researched/developed his beliefs on the Internet, adding ‘You will not find the truth anywhere else’. He cited people like Dylan Roof or Anders Breivik as inspirations, who also researched and developed their beliefs online.”

Both versions carry social and policy agenda weight, and as a result must be treated cautiously and with some level of suspicion.

Instead our time now is best spent explaining how the various levels of intelligence organizations spin the creation of terrorism from the upper tier to the lower tier. Let’s take a short trip down the rabbit hole. 


Intelligence operations and agents are stratified based upon numerous factors not only relating to IQ but also to emotional factors, stability, issues of loyalty, motivations, and willingness to conform, or not conform (EQ factors). EQ is not linear but multivariate, there are various scores but not arranged in orders of magnitude. There are strengths and weaknesses, and categories of best work, for agents or operators that vary within these EQ stratifications. In short, there are plenty of jobs in intel for both lower cognitive and unstable people, as well as higher cognitive and stable people, and any combination in between, and with various types of strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, at the highest (or higher) levels, 5 Eyes (or rather, A5+I) masterminds develop a complex scheme in which significant pressure is placed upon various ‘regimes’ to change policies or adopt policies.

These not only range from economic to social, the forced imposition of IMF loan-taking, or the forced inclusion of a growing and robust Atlanticist NGO sector, but also work in ‘collaboration’ with A5+I intelligence organizations on the subject of ‘extraordinary rendition’ and its related, mind control. We say ‘higher’ to qualify this here, because at the highest level we are not talking any nation-states, but individuals and posses that, as human beings, have certain natal characteristics which lend to their access to relationships that their personal or group power is inherited from. It’s more accurate to say ‘happens to be Japanese’ or ‘happens to be American’. But for our purposes today, we will not digress there further.

While these projects to create mind controlled agents today are referred to by different names internally by insiders, we will refer to them by the colloquial ‘MK Ultra‘. They are often deployed to carry out what has been termed a ‘strategy of tension‘.

In brief, targeted ‘regimes’ are allowed to subsist for longer if they adopt not only certain social and economic policies, but also intelligence collaboration policies along MK Ultra lines. It’s very important that the creation of these assets takes place not in the nation-states which are used by certain elites to operate from within and using that states ostensible legitimacy, but in the nation-states which are targeted regimes, for reasons that we will now explain.

Gaddafi, Hussein, and Assad, Musharraf (and now Khan), and perhaps Kim Jong-un (or perhaps semi-renegade intelligence and security officials working within their systems) all may have had, to varying degrees, to collaborate on the extraordinary rendition of certain subjects to create mind controlled chaos agents. In the case of Gaddafi and Assad, those agents were then ordered to be released, after being declared ‘reformed’, where they proceeded to lead the violent armed struggle component of the Arab Spring strategy against Gaddafi and Assad respectively. Mind altering and psycho-active substances are used during the process of agent creation. It involves both pain and pleasure feedback processes, fear and hope, and the final and absolute surrender of the will to the programmers.

For example, Abu-Ghraib was used to create terrorists and torturers. But who also spent time being conditioned were not only the prisoners, but the prison employees, who spent as much time doing 23 and 1 as those subjects overtly being programmed. Prison guards and interrogators were in turn under surveillance and were being created, formed, manipulated, groomed into different types of beings than they entered employment as.

This is all ‘stage one’ – now there exists evidence that these ‘regimes’ are harboring and training ‘terrorists’.

The New Zealand story ties back to this

Lower down the intelligence hierarchy, led not by masterminds but by bureaucrats, where agents with certain IQ (lower) and EQ (predictable) levels operate as intelligence officers – this lower echelon of intel are fed information that the regimes are harboring and training terrorists.

In reality, it is a project initiated by the A5+I, as their power to project force conventionally wanes in proportion to the increase of the industrial-productive capacity (likewise military) of the so-called developing world.

The upper echelon in the intel orgs essentially sandbags the lower echelons into finding definitive evidence of precisely that which indicts the ‘regimes’ for producing terrorists. They can do this because it is a 135-145 IQ posse sandbagging a 115-125 IQ posse – orders of magnitude of difference. To the lower echelon group, suggestions that the higher echelon group operates as described would appear, at face value, ‘incoherent’. This is why those individuals were placed to work in the lower echelon group.  

Then ‘stage two’ – Those bureaucrats and spokesmen of the lower echelon then can honestly testify to civilian government and oversight that they have definitive proof that X regime (Saddam, Gaddafi, fill in the blank) is creating and harboring terrorists. They are able to pass lie-detector tests, and their work is monitored and they work relatively transparently, and their testimonies are by and large honest based upon the combination of evidence they are fed, and the ideological/narrative framework they operate on. But this last part is because they were pre-selected and hired based upon the fact that they operate in a certain ideological/narrative framework.

The lower echelon is smart enough to know, and in fact their work requires, that intel ops involve misinformation/disinformation campaigns which manipulate media and popular opinion. Most of the lower echelon agents (bureaucrats, staffers, field operatives etc.) by and large still believe that their organization is defending their respective ‘nation-state’, and they are enforcers of what is ultimately ‘good’, despite the means often used to arrive at those ostensibly ‘good’ ends. They operate in a Manichean paradigm of right/wrong/, good/bad, and some even legal/illegal. The exceptions we could find would only reinforce the usefulness of this rule.

New Zealand


Thus the lower echelon has been informed that Tarrant is actually a mind-controlled agent – he fits all the indicators and the lower echelon gets this much – but they believe he has been deployed as a ‘chaos agent’ from their nation’s enemies. They are oblivious to the fact that he has been deployed by the upper echelon, that there are not so much nation-states at the big-boy level as there are interlocking directorates of competing/cooperating psychopaths for whom the world is not enough.

The spectre of working in a world that operates in the way that it really does, would be either too emotionally or cognitively challenging to the personnel of the lower echelon of the intel orgs. They continue to hold dear to their religion of the nation-state, and are comprised of semi-cynical true-believers, who at the upper end of this lower echelon also struggle to make sense of the contradictions and moral/ethical matters involved (i.e., are we really best defending our ‘nation’? its people? or the state? its security? the constitution? at what cost? etc.) .

Thus the ‘top secret’ debriefings masterminded by the upper echelon, but delivered in all earnestness by the lower echelon, will inform civilian government that “we have definitive and conclusive evidence that Tarrant was deployed by Khan/Kim (etc.)” but that the “public cannot know this” for reason “X“. “Instead“, they continue, “we must use this tragedy for some good“, to promote “Z” (anti-Russian narrative, anti-identitarian, gun control, erosion of civil liberties, promotion of certain labor/migration policy, etc.)

So the civilian government and the lower echelon believe they are operating with the ‘real information’ that conforms to their bias and EQ/IQ proclivities and upward limits respectively, perhaps some elitist or genuinely curious desire to be ‘in the know’, and then all agree to – in the words of Rahm Emanuel –  “not let any serious crisis go to waste.”

On top of that, the upper echelon then uses this ‘real’ top-secret story (the fake ‘real’ one) to further convince the civilian government to push forward with sanctions, military actions and threats, and various other shake-down tactics. Careers are made, stock market valuations manipulated and ‘corrected’, billions of dollars change hands, all out of these sorts of operations. 

Bloggers (including Russian-speaking) are discussing the birth of a “Christian Taliban” or “Christian state” – by analogy with terrorist organizations banned in Russia. In the Anglophone world, we see in online forums like ‘reddit’ references to ‘White Shariah’.

According to the Australian ABC, Tarrant graduated from school in 2009, after that he traveled the world for two years, and since 2011 he has been working as a children’s sports coach in his hometown Grafton, New South Wales state. But his trips to Pakistan and North Korea are of certain significance.

Further Questions about Tarrant in Pakistan, North Korea and puzzle pieces for later assembly

Our colleague Raphael Machado contributes to our inquiry and reveals the following: in a Facebook post which has since been deleted, but which we have fortunately taken a screen-cap of, he was writing from Pakistan – from the Osho Thang hotel –  about how much he loved the Pakistani people, their warmth etc., and expressed some dissatisfaction with the difficulties of obtaining a visa to enter Pakistan. The text is probably not really his own. In particular ‘he’ named PM Imran Khan and said he hoped that visa policy would change very soon, Machado revealed. 

Yesterday, Imran Khan in fact spoke to this issue:


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Machado further explains that one problem is that Tarrant’s statement was not from his own account, but from the owner of this “Osho Thang” hotel.

But it seems, as Machado has uncovered, that the hotel belongs to Aga Khan’s people, to the Nizari Ismailis. Aga Khan is a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīlis. Since 1957, the holder of the title has been the 49th Imām, Prince Shah Karim al-Husseini, Aga Khan IV. While nominally ‘Shia’ they are esoteric mysticists, reject the description and names of God described in the Quran, and in that sense are puritanical iconoclasts which share this with Wahhabism. However, they live in stable communities, and have not been connected to violent attacks in the past. On May 13th 2015, Pakistani gunmen targeted their community in a vicious attack.

They should not be confused with the Shiism of Iran. 

And, as Machado exposes, they offer “Survival Training” led by the well known television survivalist Chad Keel:

Chad Keel

Keel is also something of a ‘spiritualist’ and ‘cult/occult’ guru – a theme found consistent in Operation Gladio-type, and MK Ultra operations, similar to those of David Myatt – neo-nazi, MI5/CIA Asset, founder of the Order of 9 Angles (or O9A).

Myatt later ‘converted’ to Wahhabism, before moving to developing O9A among the neo/post-nazi black metal scene, also known for their ‘void worship’, but may have been involved in what the cult termed ‘an insight role’. A member of O9A on an insight role previously failed at an infiltration attempt of Fort Russ News/ Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade two years ago. This individual was revealed to have an Israeli passport as well, and was formerly a supporter of the Azov brigade, and had regular contact with the former Pravy Sektor media spokesperson Olena/Elena Semenyaka, who now works with the National Corps.  The insight role is significant in that the cult member must simultaneously believe in the role they are playing, while remaining loyal to the O9A. These are all MI5/MI6 and CIA/NSA run or guided operations.

To be clear, this report can neither confirm nor deny any connection between Myatt and Keel outside of fitting a peculiar and specific Strategy of Tension/MK Ultra pattern we are familiar with. In connecting these, we are self-aware of a general human fallacy to find patterns and attach meanings to patterns which rather instead may be disconnected phenomenon.

Tarrant’s activities are therefore difficult to decode, whether he was taking his ‘White Shariah’ literally in the sense of learning (or being indoctrinated) by ‘radical Islam’ – in this instance not Wahhabism, but perhaps esoteric Nizari Ismāʿīlism. Given how mind control operations operate, it is difficult to determine – without factual evidence – to what degree he in fact believed himself to be genuinely anti-Islam, or a neo-Nazi.

Problematically, Machado noticed some similarities in Tarrant’s ‘Manifesto’ on pages 6 and 11, which Machado explains is akin to a ‘Strategy of Tensions’ and is critical a text by Abu Bakr Naji “Management of Savagery”.

Similarly, the conservative, controlled ‘alternative’ media site, the Daily Caller – owned in part by Tucker Carlson, who recently all but endorsed Democrat Presidential candidate and perennial Russophobe, Andrew Yang – also points to a similar connection:

Tarrant peppers his manifesto with contemporary recollections of terrorist attacks throughout Europe perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, as well as so-called historical aggression by Muslims. The manifesto is broadly characterized by a coherent and twisted ideology with a call to action, motivation, historiography, and explicit design.

This in many ways mirrors the tactics of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

ISIS propaganda minister Abu Mohammad al-Adnani frequently encouraged would-be terrorists to design their attacks in order to cause as much shock as possible to spark interest in the ISIS cause.

ISIS referred to the West as “non-believers” and “invaders upon their land” in much of their propaganda material. The terrorist group frequently cites Western wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the justification for their attacks, in the name of Islamic defense and opposition to Western support for the state of Israel.

Tarrant at this moment is not known to have any ties to a broader national or international extremist movement. But he shares and expresses many of the same concerns and ideals as the terrorist group he sought to keep out of New Zealand…

… reads the Daily Caller.

What the Daily Caller is struggling to put together is the Reddit and alt-web phenomenon known as ‘White Shariah‘.

Wikipedia explains:

Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage Through Which the Islamic Nation Will Pass (Arabicإدارة التوحش: أخطر مرحلة ستمر بها الأمة‎, Idārat at-Tawaḥḥuš: Akhṭar marḥalah satamurru bihā l ‘ummah),[1] also translated as Administration of Savagery,[1] is a book by the Islamist strategist Abu Bakr Naji, published on the Internet in 2004. It aimed to provide a strategy for al-Qaeda and other extremists whereby they could create a new Islamic caliphate.[2]

The real identity of Abu Bakr Naji is claimed by the Al Arabiya Institute for Studies to be Muhammad Khalil al-Hakaymah.[3][4] His known works are this piece and some contributions to the al-Qaeda online magazine Sawt al-JihadNational Public Radio has described Naji as a “top al-Qaida insider” and characterized the work as “al-Qaida’s playbook”.[5]

North Korea

The North Korea visit is also highly problematic in terms of the credibility of official narrative construction. It has long been a trope, advanced by the Atlanticist backed NGO’s ‘on the anarchist left’, that North Korea as a state, is regarded well by the ‘Alt-Right’. Tarrant’s visit to North Korea will be used as further evidence of this nexus. Those on the left or the so-called ‘alt-right’ that express support for, or defense of (in terms of anti-imperialism) the state of North Korea, will be placed in this zone of extremism, now that there is the Tarrant connection made explicit.

Fake-news ‘journalists’, accustomed to writing hit-pieces against journalists and analysts genuinely trying to understand and explain the world they live in, will now be able to make a loose and vague reference connecting genuine journalists, social-justice advocates, and analysts to “North Korea supporters like the terrorist/murderer Brenton Tarrant“.


Tarrant’s Apparent ‘Anti-Islam’ Crusade


Tarrant’s fascination with Islamophobic historical themes, neo-Nazism, we are told, is evident by what inscriptions the police found on the sides and clips of his machine gun. On one clip, the terrorist used white paint to write the name of Alexander Bissonnette, of a former student from Canada who was convicted in early 2019 and sentenced life imprisonment, who had shot the worshipers of the Quebec mosque in 2017 . Media claimed that Bissonnette was known as a student of political science, was a fan of Donald Trump and Marie Le Pen. On the same clip is the name of the Italian Luca Traini  – the failed candidate for parliament from the now-governing Lega party, who in February 2017 organized an attack on African migrants in the mosque of the city of Macerata. Traini is a fan of Benito Mussolini . A book was found at his home – Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.


On the machine-gun belonging to Tarrant there are sun-wheels that are popular with Neo Nazis, the inscription in English “Refugees, welcome to hell!” And “Charles Martel” – the Frankish king considered one of the founders of Europe as a geo-anthropologic entity. Tarrant decorated his ammunition bag with emblems of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi division Azov.

Tarrant’s expressed pattern here is that he associated Islam with the Ottoman Empire, since among his  idols is  Russian admiral Dmitry Senyavin, who was famous for his victories over the Turks in the Dardanelles battle in 1807. The terrorist also wrote in Russian the “Battle of Kagul, 1770” and in Bulgarian “The Battle of Bulair, 1913” on his equipment.

From Serbia, Tarrant derived: “ Milos Obilic ” (the hero of the Serbian national epic, a Serbian knight in the service of Prince Lazar, during the invasion of the Ottoman Empire who fought in the battle of Kosovo in 1389). The name of Felix Casimir Potocki , the military leader of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a member of the 1683 Battle of Vienna, was written in Latin letters. During this battle, the combined troops of the Commonwealth, the Holy Roman Empire and several German principalities defeated the combined army of the Ottoman Empire and the allied Ottomans of the Moldavian Principality near Vienna.

Another clip reads “Vienna, 1683” and “Accra, 1189” – a reminder of the battle in Palestine between the Crusaders and the troops of the Muslim commander Saladin. Also on the clips there are inscriptions in Georgian – David Soslan and David Agmashenebeli. In addition, you can see the names of the famous Montenegrin writer, military leader Marko Milyanov, who was a fighter for the Serbian national association and liberation from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the British admiral Edward Codrington who participated in the battles against the Turks. There was a place on his equipment inscribing the name of the famous Austrian field marshal Ernst Staremberg, who participated in the Great Turkish War.

While some of today’s neo nazis in Ukraine are fans of the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania, many more are not. But as an Anglophone, concocting some hodgepodge of various ‘remove kebab’ heroes, who otherwise were mutually opposed, is not entirely atypical. Most out of step are the Serbian nationalist references – today’s Serbian nationalism is anti-imperialist, generally is in step with Russia, and generally opposes Ukrainian neo nazism.

What to make of it?

In evaluating what to make of this kind of scenario, we have to look at the official consequences and remedies proposed in both mainstream media and the controlled online ‘alternative’ media.

It is unknowable what Tarrant really believed, or if he was in control of his critical faculties to the extent that we can say he – as a person possibly without agency –  believed anything.

There are combinations of truth-based narratives, and problematic narratives. It’s true there is a neo-nazi movement in Ukraine – but to date its been established that these are CIA, US-AID and NED supported ‘nazis’. Victoria Nuland came forward with as much. FRN has written much on the subject of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and its support for the (John McCain endorsed) neo nazi Svoboda party.  It’s also true that Wahhabism is a problem, but a bigger problem that its organizations are largely run by the US and its allies in the relevant regions (Central Asia, MENA, and central Africa).

Together this means that Tarrant’s location at the hotel in Pakistan, this hotel’s ownership and also its relationship to survivalist/spiritualist guru, and TV personality Keel, his references to tactics used by Wahhabism and by Operation Gladio (both Strategies of Tension), all create the basis for a case that requires further investigation.

What is clear so far is that this situation bears many of the important earmarks of an intel op. With knowledge of how the upper echelon works to mastermind a long-form narrative which the lower echelon swallows, and that this lower echelon report is what civilian governments can covertly make their public decisions on, we go further in understanding the various possibilities.

It is quite odd that Tarrant’s statement – which is most probably not his own – from Pakistan, expresses a desire for visa reform in Pakistan. Yesterday, such a reform was announced. What are the details of this reform? Will this reform make it easier or more difficult for ISI and western-backed intelligence operations to make use of Pakistan? Does this work for or against Khan’s stated aims of working more closely with Iran and Russia to curtail the existence of Wahhabist organizations operating under the color of Pakistan’s protection? Does this entail visa revocation and possible extradition for terrorists?

Most immediately, this is a terrorist attack which killed and injured scores of innocent human beings who never deserved this.

How this Tragedy Will be Weaponized by the Powers that Be

Unfortunately this tragedy will be cynically used and abused by the powers that be to justify further restrictions on speech, especially online, restrictions on journalism, an increased pressure towards gun control measures. This is an affront to the deceased, their memories, their families and their friends  – who no doubt, by and large, support the remaining and few democratic freedoms we have left in whatever remains of republican governmental forms.

Strikingly is the implantation now in the popular western imagination that Serbian nationalism is related substantively to Neo-Nazism in Ukraine, and to ‘White Shariah’. Something approximating the opposite is true – in fact with few exceptions Serbian fighters in the Donbass are organized against Ukrainian nazis and are almost universally pro-Russian. Public support for the Serbian cause, either today or historically, will be ‘linked’ by NATO’s political and media wing, the Atlantic Council and their media-police watch dogs and enforcers, as ‘extremist’. In reality, Serbia is today facing threats from NATO.

The report promoted by the lower echelon group in top-secret meetings with civilian government will agree on a few things that we can sort so far with some degree of certitude:

The lower echelon group will connect Tarrant (for civilian government consumption at the top-secret level) to this ‘Shia‘ group, Pakistan, and Keel – another new twist on top of the Serbian one, that moves away from the old Wahhabi-Sunni narrative, and will likely justify pressure on Khan not to move against the ISI’s support and co-organization of ISIS/Al Qaeda in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, if Khan is indeed serious about such moves. If he’s not serious, the simulacrum of this being the situation gives Khan the veneer of plausible deniability.  In the cultural sphere, this attack will be used to continue to place non-violent identity groups associated with so-called “survivalism” into the ‘basket of deplorables’ narrative, and justify further restrictions on their rights to speech and assembly.  Appeals against these will be struck down, and the legal precedent in countries based on the practice of Stare Decisis will be established and used against genuine and non-violent political groups, whether they view themselves as left-wing/socialist/anarchist/progressive/communist; conservative/right-wing/alt-right; or none of the above.

The lower echelon group will connect Tarrant (for civilian government consumption at the top-secret level) to North Korea. This will be used to justify some ‘credible evidence’ that North Korea is supporting or training this kind of terrorism.

The lower echelon group will connect Tarrant to Pakistan’s Ismaeli Shia minority, and use any and all outreach that Iran may have engaged in as evidence of a terror-supporting conspiracy.

While mainstream media will for the first time accurately refer to these attacks as ‘terrorism’ and not simply a case of a lone ‘disgruntled/mentally ill’ individual, the information that intelligence agencies will now be allowed to operate on is that North Korea, Iran, and/or Pakistan (or, conversely, actors in Pakistan) are involved in the training and backing of terrorism in an A5 country.



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