Goal of Italian PM: End Anti-Russian Sanctions

Vice PM tells WaPo to compare Crimea referendum to fake Maidan revolution

Giuseppi Conte, Prime Minister of Italy
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Vice PM tells WaPo to compare Crimea referendum to fake Maidan revolution

The abolition of anti-Russian sanctions remains the goal of the Italian government. This was stated by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

According to him, the removal of restrictive measures will reduce tensions between countries.

At the same time, Conte noted that the lifting of sanctions will “not happen tomorrow morning,” but this remains the goal of the Italian government.

Earlier, Ukrainian political analyst Andrey Yermolayev said that the EU, instead of supporting Ukraine, is preparing to reset relations with Russia.

“What we are raising to the rank of a diplomatic victory is actually a warning. Personal sanctions are the maximum that the European Union and the EU leaders are taking, because they are preparing to dismantle the Cold War with Russia, they are preparing to reset relations, and they are preparing seriously,” Yermolayev said.

The political analyst noted that European leaders are trying to rethink what is happening in the world today.

Recall, on December 17, the Italian Prime Minister also announced the need to lift anti-Russian sanctions.

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And a week before, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister called Russia “Europe in every sense,” and called for the lifting of useless sanctions.

Earlier, Matteo Salvini, in an interview with The Washington Post, called “Maidan” a fake revolution and recognized the Crimean referendum.

Responding to the WaPo interviewer’s claim that there was a “fake” referendum in Crimea, Salvini said that this depends on the point of view:

“A referendum was held there, and more than 90% of the residents voted to return to the Russian Federation,” -said the Italian politician.

The Washington Post journalist mentioned the presence of Russian soldiers in Crimea during the referendum, but Salvini suggested comparing the democratic expression of the Crimean people with a coup in Ukraine:
Compare it with the fake revolution in Ukraine. It was a pseudo-revolution, supported and funded by foreign sources, along the lines of the Arab Spring. There are some historically Russian regions, with Russian culture and tradition, which on a legitimate basis belong to the Russian Federation,” concluded Salvini.

The vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Gerashchenko, called the statement by the head of the Italian Ministry of the Interior “treason.”

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