Hand Property To Jewish Holocaust Groups, not NATO – Trump Stuns Poland: “No Fort Trump”

'How to Recognize a Jew' Scandal Gains Momentum.

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WARSAW – Published on: Mar 14, 2019 @ 14:12– The construction of Fort Trump in Poland is in serious question following a major diplomatic row now brewing, which has gone under the radar screen due to the western media focus on other matters. FRN has learned from reliable Polish media sources that Polish President Duda is facing a public fiasco. This has been compounded by even more recent allegations from Jewish groups that Poland, as a country and a society, is rife with anti-Semitism. Evidence of this is claimed to come in the form of a recent major newspaper cover, carrying a sensational story ‘How to Recognize a Jew’. The Trump administration appears to now be using this to back-peddle on what appeared as a previous commitment to increase NATO activity in Poland.

While the Trump administration has made moves to decrease its own relative liability for NATO’s budget, Polish leadership have believed they would be exempt from this, as they already meet Trump’s proposal of 2.2% of GDP towards NATO. Most western NATO countries do not meet this figure.

But instead of thanking Poland for its example – Poland a country which borders Russia and following its present anti-Russian course would absolutely be among the first zones of occupation or assault in the event of a major war between Europe and Russia, a veritable nuclear cushion – Trump has backed away from furthering the spectacle of NATO building in ‘New Europe’. Moreover, Trump has increasingly insulted the Polish political class and public, through its tacit insinuation that modern Poland is responsible for the crimes committed against Jews during the Holocaust. The Trump administration in response to Polish politicians upset with the sudden change of position, is said to have unofficially responded to Poland’s commitment to increase spending on  its part of NATO and to instead ‘hand property to Jewish holocaust groups’.

Instead of military cooperation with their satellite in Eastern Europe, Trump proposes that the United States may return to the issue of the return of Jewish real estate and property now owned by Poles. Such sensational news about the realities of US-Polish relations was published today, March 14, in the Gazeta Wyborcza .

According to the leading Polish newspaper, the United States did not live up to the expectations of Warsaw regarding the construction of a permanent military base, which was named Fort Trump in advance. “In the case of criticism from Poland, the United States will return to the question of the restitution of Jewish property,” warns the publication.

“I invite the president (Trump) to send more soldiers to Poland. We hope that we will create a base in Poland, which we will call Fort Trump. The presence of the US Army is necessary to protect American interests, ”said Polish President Andrzej Duda after meeting with the US President in the fall of 2018.

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But half a year passed, and the project hasn’t moved a single step. Moreover, on March 1st, 2019, the deadline for submitting a Pentagon report on the possible construction of a US military base in Poland expired. Gazeta Wyborcza writes that the Polish government failed to convince the United States of the feasibility of building a permanent base. Given the tensions within NATO, and the trade war under-way between the EU’s core states and the US, which European leaders identify with Trump, naming any future NATO base in Poland ‘Fort Trump’ also poses a major PR problem.

“In addition, the Pentagon has plans to reduce costs on the eastern flank by a few percent – from $ 6.5 billion to $ 5.9 billion ($ 232 million was allocated for the presence of American soldiers in Poland). The Americans also drew the attention of Warsaw that you should not use the name “Fort Trump”, because this name can complicate relations both with allies in Europe and with Russia, ” the newspaper writes.

In response to criticism from Warsaw, the United States has returned to the issue of the restitution of allegedly Jewish property in Poland, which remained unclaimed after World War II and became the property of the Polish individuals or the state. At the same time, Warsaw understands that the prospect of returning lands and houses worth hundreds of millions of euros to Jewish Holocaust groups threatens to increase anti-Semitism, which is already present in Poland. These Holocaust groups have significant lobbying power, and while they collect these moneys in the name of the families of Holocaust victims or survivors, rarely do these funds wind up in the hands of actual survivors or their families.  Most victims’ families or survivors continue to live modestly and do not see these funds. The last scandal on this topic was a major scandal in the Polish Sejm (lower house of parliament).

It turns out that kiosks at the Polish parliament sells the magazine/newspaper Tylko Polska, edited by Leszek Bubla, who calls himself “the biggest anti-Semite of Poland.” The magazine has been published for more than 20 years, but deputies claim they did not notice the anti-Semitic magazine until an article appeared in the magazine (with an image) under the heading “How to recognize a Jew.” In the material there are tips, how among colleagues, colleagues and friends to uncover and recognize the “Jews”, including “on anthropological grounds.” MP Michal Kaminsky complained to the office of the Sejm, which promised to take action.


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