HORROR & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – Israeli Airforce Pounds Palestinian Civilian Areas


PALESTINE – Israeli military aircraft have just bombed several areas in Gaza, while Israeli media talk of an imminent military offensive against the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli military continued to strike upon Gaza through last night. Israel said that they just attacked Hamas sites, but FRN has reports that the bombings also hit a mosque, school, and civilian houses.



Over the course of last night and according to morning reports from the Israeli side, the army press service reported 15 “terrorist targets” attacked from the air, as well as several militant objects in the central part of the enclave, which were used for strikes using airplanes, helicopters and tanks. But images from the ground tell a different story from the IDF claims.


The Israeli army has said through its Twitter account that it has begun to attack the Gaza Strip, hours after they claim several rockets were launched from there in the direction of the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday morning. The damages reported from these several rockets were indeed minor, appearing to damage the garage next to a structure.


While individual Palestinians may act on their own behalf, as part of radicalized groups, these attacks are not treated as law enforcement/investigation matters of crime as they should be, but are used as the pretext for Israel to mobilize its entire armed forces and engage in massive reprisals, beyond  the scope of balance and reason, and amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, upon a policy of collective punishment.


“These bombings continue a series of attacks that are conducted over the past day,” the military wrote, adding that they were ready to expand the operation if necessary.

In the south of Israel — in Ashkelon, Netivot, and Ofakim — classes in schools were canceled, adding to the Zionist states policy of stoking collective neurosis and paranoia among its citizens, who in turn are more likely to support all disproportionate responses from the IDF, making it clear that the next round of confrontation with Palestinian militants was not yet over.


Despite statements about the success of the Egyptian intermediaries, who allegedly got the parties to agree to a cease-fire, alarm sirens continued to sound on the borders of the enclave at night, warning Israelis about new rocket attacks. At the same time, Israel has a history of false-flag attacks or the use of their own agents to simulate real attacks on Israeli targets. This is always used as a pretext for collective punishment against Palestinians.

When weighting the possible gains verse the consistent consequences of ‘palestinian terrorism’, it is clear to many experts that Israel benefits from alleged ‘palestinian terrorism’, and because the Israeli response is consistently collective and disproportionate punishment, it is more likely that these ‘palestinian’ attacks are carried out by Israel’s own military or intelligence agents.

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On Monday evening, the military spotted launches of about 30 missiles from the Gaza Strip and intercepted some of them.

“We have started attacking Hamas targets throughout the Gaza Strip,” reads an Israeli army tweet.

Israel has increased the number of batteries in its so-called Iron Dome air defense system in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel. It also deployed two infantry brigades along the dividing line with the Gaza Strip and began mobilizing his reservists.

According to security sources in Gaza, Israel carried out at least ten air strikes against installations, posts and complexes allegedly belonging to Hamas, but which were indistinguishable from civilian buildings, and struck upon civilian areas and streets.

A group of Palestinian civilians barely survived an aerial attack by a fighter plane in the town of Khan Younis, in the south of the enclave, witnesses explained.

The bombings began at dusk, around 16.00 GMT and spread throughout the enclave.

At this time, FRN is receiving reports of numerous civilian injuries having been reported and the Red Crescent emergency services have set up their facilities as well as mobilizing field health personnel, ambulances and hospital centers. At the time of publication we do not have information regarding deaths.

Israel blames Hamas, which controls  strip de facto the, of the firing of a rocket that in the first hour of the morning fell on a garage adjacent to an Israeli house in the center of the country, which Israel claims caused seven wounded, among them three minors.

The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, asked on Monday “maximum moderation” to avoid a new escalation in the region.

However, Hamas denies involvement in this, leading to further suspicions that this attack was a convenient false flag carried out as Netanyahu was in the U.S meeting with Trump, right as Trump was symbolically recognizing the Israeli Occupied Golan Heights of Syria as Israeli. While Trump has no international authority to violate the standing UNSC mandates on this, characterizing Israel’s position in the Golan Heights as an illegal occupation, it was a convenient and, for Netanyahu, major victory. Others have pointed out that this furthermore took place right as the tw0-year long Mueller investigation about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russians to throw the US elections, resulted in no indictments.

No militia has so far assumed responsibility for that attacks on the Palestinian end, and Hamas political chief Ismail Haniye warned after the bombing began tonight that “armed resistance can deter any violation of the red lines by the Israeli occupation.” In the last few minutes Palestinian groups have responded with mortars in response to the Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip, targeting military areas.

This ads layers to reportage, and Atlanticist and Zionist mainstream media actors on television will be able to say, without qualifying the order of events, that Hamas leaders have openly endorsed attacks against Israeli targets, while intentionally leaving out that these endorsed defensive attacks were in response to the Israeli air-raids, and not those which allegedly provoked the Israeli air-raids.

cover photo: remains of the building of the insurer Almultazem in Gaza, after the Israeli attack. Twitter, Raquel Martí

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