In open letter, a Syrian refugee tells Merkel why she is on the wrong side

"Finish the honeymoon with the radicals and the terrorists"


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Published on: Mar 21, 2019 @ 16:19

A voice from Syria
The open letter from a Syrian refugee casts blame on Chancellor Angela Merkel for her hypocritical Syria policy.

Majd Abboud, Syrian, has written to Chancellor Angela Merkel. In recent months, he urgently tried to find media in Germany and Switzerland willing to publish his letter. Mostly he did not even get an answer. Abboud is 42 and a dentist by profession. In 2015 he came to Germany and now lives in Saarbrücken. His reproach to Merkel: prerequisites for integration are still not in place even after three years. Reason: Germany is going too far for its guests and asking too little of Islamists. Furthermore, the Federal Government’s view of the Syrian war is wrong-headed, as so-called “rebels” get idealized. Rubicon now gives Majd Abboud a voice. (Text conveyed by Karin Leukefeld.)

Open letter from a Syrian refugee to Chancellor Angela Merkel
Dear Federal Chancellor,
With the end of your term in sight, I would like to take this opportunity to cordially thank you for helping me and my compatriots in their misery and for opening your country to people fleeing war and terror. You have saved us a great deal of suffering, we are safe here and have the opportunity to live in peace. Moreover, I have always found it a great opportunity for us Syrians, in contact with Europeans, to get to know a new culture, which opens up new perspectives and enables us to broaden our horizons.

Unfortunately, I have learned that the prerequisites for true integration were scarcely given and even today, after three years, they are still not. Rather, I felt that so-called integration was more of a one-way street: Germany was very much in favor of the refugees, but demanded no accommodation from them. To make matters worse, the German identity for immigrants is barely recognizable. It seems that the country is ashamed and therefore has difficulty communicating its values.

In sharp contrast, it should be noted that many refugees have an excessive, often radical feeling of belonging to Islam, and have often caused problems for the state and society in Syria. I was hopeful that you, Mrs Merkel, would be able to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between or with the immigrants, which we have not achieved in Syria due to the increasing radicalization and Western investment in political Islam.

There has always been much speculation about your motives, and most of the time this question has been answered by saying that you acted out of humanity and Christian charity. But when it comes to humanity, you should have ended the sanctions you recently imposed on Syria, for millions of people who can not or do not want to leave their homeland have been suffering for years. Finally, these people have earned charity. Even in a true democracy, which you always advertise, these people can have their political attitude without being punished.

Medicines and medical aids, such as prostheses that are urgently needed after a war, are sanctioned. Even the children who starve to death every day in Yemen or forcibly die should not be kept secret. And instead of sending them food or medicines, they deliberately and willingly allow tanks and grenades to be delivered, and even have the Saudi soldiers trained by German experts to kill more people there.
Is this a Christian policy, as it would fit your party’s name? Apparently, the profits of German armaments companies are more important to the German government than Christian values, with which they like to adorn themselves.

At the end of September I read with great interest in the Westfälische Zeitung (1) that in Dusseldorf a supporter of the Free Syrian Army, whom the Western media likes to refer to as “moderate”, was convicted as a war criminal. He had abducted, tortured and murdered people in Aleppo as members of a militia. I am very pleased that measures are finally being taken to identify the terrorists who have fled to this country (to Germany). Do you think, Mrs Merkel, that this was an isolated case? I have long pointed out that many criminals with radical views are among the refugees, and that Germany should act swiftly. Because when talking about intercultural encounters, the radicals and the criminals pose a serious threat to integration and the host country. They harm the reputation of every peaceful migrants, promote prejudices and make it more difficult for refugees willing to integrate, as well as those who “have lived here for some time.”

The German government has for too long closed its eyes and played down this radical mentality both in Germany and in Syria. The German government has conveyed the message to the Radicals that they can count on Western support, that they can commit any crime in Syria, and yet always have protection in Germany. Germany has thereby become a refugee destination for criminals. Is that what you wanted to do?

Recently, you expressed concern about the situation of the people in Idlib. One must say that in Idlib are the worst jihadists who were not prepared to lay down their weapons. Among them are not just FSA, Al-Nusra and IS fighters, but also fighters and jihadists from Afghanistan, Chechnya and around 3,000 Chinese Uighurs. And it was these terrorists who attacked the north-western quarters of Aleppo with chemical weapons on Saturday, November 24, 2018. According to recent data, at least 107 people have been injured.

In September, these groups also attacked the predominantly Christian town of Mhardeh not far from Idlib, killing 12 people (2). And instead of helping to disarm these groups, you send them 50 million euros of German taxpayer money to help them commit further atrocities (3).
Presumably, the federal government has not previously heard that these “rebels” have destroyed Christian churches in Aleppo and Homs and that in 2013 they attacked villages of minorities in the province of Latakia (4) and the workers’ city Adra (5) and conquered, beheaded the men beheaded and enslaved the women. Already in 2013, two priests from Aleppo were also abducted by the “rebels”, and still today no one knows anything about their whereabouts.

It has become more than clear that the German government is on the side of the Islamist “rebels” in Syria. This can be seen for example in the media coverage. Ramstein also supplied weapons to the “rebels” (6). These so-called rebels are not fighters for freedom or democracy, but Islamists who propagate Sharia law and who do not tolerate deviant opinions or ways of life, but severely punish them. These are perpetrators who present themselves as victims and are also portrayed by the West.

The support of these “rebel groups” is often explained by alleged attacks or threatened attacks on the civilian population. Video recordings and photos are used as proof. However, many cases in the past, as well as the incidents of Chemnitz, have shown that one has to examine and question such material very closely. For Syria, it is almost always the same source, namely the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). It is a single man, an exiled Syrian, living in London since 2010, sympathizing with the Muslim Brotherhood and distributing their footage to the media. This systematically divided the society in Syria. People were sectarianised and played to each other. Would not it make sense to scrutinize this “evidence” before taking the far-reaching decision to join an international coalition and become involved in a war contrary to international law?

Even with the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which certainly existed according to Colin Powell and Tony Blair, one could have learned a lesson from history.

It is time to admit that the federal government has been operating the wrong policy in Syria and has sided with the wrong side. The visible reason – and that is really sad – is that the Federal Government is committed to defending and defending American interests. That Germany has a specific role to play, but has no independent and self-confident foreign policy — that’s what I call the mother of all problems.

Dear Mrs. Merkel, I know that here I am just a Syrian with an asylum-stay. My existence here in Germany is a collateral damage from a war that makes no sense; my voice is all that I have now. And I do not know if my lines will ever reach you. But if you are really concerned about the welfare of the Syrians at home and abroad, please lift the sanctions against Syria. Set the course to establish a friendship between the West and the Middle East. Finish the honeymoon with the radicals, with the terrorists, but also with the so-called political Islam, both inside and outside Germany. These are the wrong contacts, and that is completely obvious. Stop the delivery of weapons into war zones and send to the people of the Middle East and the world love, education and culture from the heart of Europe instead of conflict and warfare.Mrs Merkel, the world has changed, the power structure has shifted. Please make that change and ensure that Germany is properly positioned for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Majd Abboud

Saarbruecken, 10.01.2019

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