Italian MP asks Rome not to recognize Ukraine election

Elections illegally exclude millions with Ukraine citizenship but who speak Russian


Dilemma for Ukraine: If the people of the self-proclaimed Republics are officially Ukrainian, why can’t they vote in the Ukrainian election? Or, if their vote is prohibited, shouldn’t that mean Kiev knows they are not part of Ukraine? 

A member of the Italian Parliament urges Rome not to recognize the elections in Ukraine.
The MP for Piedmont and head of the representative center of the DPR in Italy, Maurizio Marrone, called on Rome not to recognize the presidential elections in Ukraine.

“Everyone in Europe who believes in the self-determination of peoples must use his voice to stop these false elections, which illegally exclude millions of people with Ukrainian citizenship, but who speak Russian. We will officially ask the Italian government not to recognize this unacceptable discrimination,” said Marrone.

He recalled that the residents of Donbass had virtually ceased to exist for the world community: the European Union does not recognize the independence of the DPR and the LPR, but Ukraine denies their residents the right to vote in elections.”

In these Ukrainian elections, the people of Donbass are victims twice over, because the UN and the EU do not recognize the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics born as a result of a democratic referendum, and do not give them the right to vote: the Western international community takes residents of Donbass for ghosts,” Marrone said.

On March 27, the LDPR submitted to the State Duma a draft statement “On the non-recognition of the results of the presidential elections in Ukraine.” And on March 25, the head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine announced he would refuse to swear in the president in case of rigging the elections.

On the same day, Russia refused to send observers to the Ukrainian elections. According to the posted commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry, this decision is due to the reluctance to subject Russian observers to “the threat of deliberate persecution” on Ukrainian territory.

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