LATVIA: Russian Union & Anti-Nazi Committee Face Down Nazis in Waffen SS March

By Kristina Rus

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By Kristina Rus  – Several dozen representatives of the Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee and the Russian Union of Latvia held individual protest actions against the Waffen SS march, since the Riga City Council once again offered to protest in the city park at a distance, where no one would see or hear them.

Activists approached the protests creatively and emotionally, preparing not only posters. The “bloodied” dolls in raised hands symbolized tens of thousands of children killed in ghettos and in concentration camps throughout Latvia by many of those who later formed the backbone of the Latvian SS Volunteer Legion.

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Those who walked in a column with flowers, unwittingly turned around at the children’s crying, which was heard from the side of the raised baby dolls. And even on the faces of some policemen it was clear that they were carrying out an order, and not there at the call of the heart …

“We remember what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. We remember what the Nazis did to the Orthodox people: they burned them in their furnaces, smashed their heads against the walls of houses, ”Alla Berezovskaya told in an interview to the FAN. – We will never forget it. And we want to remind you that the SS legionnaires fought on the side of Hitler, on the side of the regime that committed all these crimes. They cannot be heroes. ”

“It’s terrible, when they are now trying to convince us that they fought for independence. What independence? Who promised them when and where,” a colleague wonders.

She recalls that in the oath of allegiance to Hitler there was not a word about Latvia.

“They disgrace Latvia, and we, I believe, must show that not all people agree with this. By this we save Latvia from shame. Europe, as you know, declared these marches unacceptable, it condemned these marches of the Nazis. But it turns out that here the march of the Nazis do not spoil the image of Latvia, but anti-fascists spoil it. ”

On this occasion, the chairman of the Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee (LAC), Aleksey Sharipov, said that the activists of the committee had to hold individual pickets, because the official LAC event, which was announced in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, was banned.

“It turns out that the main event on March 16 is not an anti-fascist action that goes to the central square to say that the march of the legionnaires is a shameful act,” he said in an interview with FAN. “And this is the day of memory of the national warriors of the Waffen SS legion, as they are now called.”

And the autumn resolution of the European Parliament on the inadmissibility of the glorification of Nazism is not what Latvia would pay attention to when it comes to Waffen SS, the source said.

“For us, this is shameful, and for our state, the cornerstones are probably the foundation of nationalism in this country when they declare that they fought, as official history considers, for independence and freedom,” said Alexei Sharipov.

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