LAVROV: Syrians in Fake Refugee Camp are Actually Hostages – Cover for U.S Base


DAMASCUS – Russia will seek to have the U.S withdraw refugees from the Er-Rukban camp in southern Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on March 6th.

He drew attention to the fact that this camp serves not only to save people who are now essentially isolated, but also to realize the interests of foreign states illegally present in the Arab Republic. He went to explain that the refugees being held at the camp are not refugees, but prisoners.

“The US position on the Er-Rukban camp suggests that Washington needs it to justify its military presence in Syria,” RIA Novosti quotes the minister .

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian Federation and the United States are maintaining military and political contacts on Syria, since this is important for tracking and understanding what is happening in the Arab Republic. However, in Washington, as Lavrov noted, they are “not always transparent” about their actions in this country.

Earlier, on March 2, it was reported that the United States refused to let Syrian transport convoys, which were sent for the refugees from Er-Rukban, in the Al-Tanf zone. Later, Moscow and Damascus declared that there could be no question of any next humanitarian convoy to the camp as long as the residents of “Er-Rukban” were being held hostage by American-controlled gangs.

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The Er-Rukban camp is located in the south of Syria in the USA-controlled Al Tanf zone. According to experts, it may have about 40 thousand people, and the only solution to the problem of the continued survival of these people is the evacuation of these Syrians to temporary accommodations in Damascus-controlled territory.

Thus, according to a public opinion poll conducted by humanitarian workers, 95% of its residents expressed a desire to leave the camp in the near future, of which 83% intend to return to their former places of residence. The main reasons for the Syrians desire to go to a Damascus controlled territory was cited as the lack of work (47%), living conditions (30%), and the inability to ensure the safety of the family (23%), writes the Federal News Agency .

In September 2015, at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia launched an operation in the Arab Republic to fight terrorists in Syria. At the same time, Damascus did not invite the American military to its territory and repeatedly pointed out that the United States and the international coalition were there illegally and would have to leave the country.

Published on: Mar 6, 2019 @ 12:26

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