Maduro: Russia is Working to Guarantee Venezuelan’s Access to Life-Saving Medicines, Despite U.S Sanctions


CARACAS – Despite life-threatening sanctions by the U.S which aims to blockage Venezuela’s access to important medicines, Venezuela’s pharmaceutical and medicinal needs will be met by supplies from Russia and its allies, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said during an interview with the national news agency AVN.

Maduro said that several tons of pharmaceuticals and substances required for their production will arrive in Venezuela from Russia this week, beginning March 25th, which will ensure the current needs of the pharmaceutical producers to guarantee the public’s access to life-saving drugs. .

Maduro also said that the union of Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and Belarus will allow Venezuela to receive everything necessary to meet the country’s pharmaceutical needs.

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At the start of March, during an official visit to Russia on March 3rd, Nicolas Maduro met with representatives of the Russian government and Russian pharmaceutical companies to discuss the strengthening of the Venezuelan health system. The result of these meetings appears to be Russia’s commitment to ensure the public health needs of Venezuelans in the face of U.S sanctions.

Earlier, at the end of February, 7.5 tons of medical equipment and medicines from Russia were already delivered to Venezuela through the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.

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