MAJOR: Blackouts in Venezuela are now Repaired, but U.S “Energy War Continues”

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CARACAS – Venezuela has this morning announced that the blackouts that struck the Bolivarian Republic have been overcome. As the Minister of Information of the country Jorge Rodriguez told journalists at the presidential residence in Caracas on March 12 :

“At the moment, the power supply is almost completely restored throughout the country.”

Despite the fact that the critical situation, according to the minister, has been overcome, Rodriguez called on the population to be vigilant, because the “energy war” continues. As the minister noted, the cause of the emergency power outage in most of the country was a cyber attack.

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Since March 7, when a large-scale failure occurred at the Venezuelan hydropower plant “Guri”, more than 20 states, including the capital, were left without electricity. The government of the president, Nicolas Maduro, stated that the cause of the incident was an attack from the United States. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Venezuela reported that the army took under its protection the strategic power supply facilities and introduced a video surveillance system for power lines.

image: Jorge Rodriguez minister of information

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