MAJOR: European Parliament’s 180 – Declares Russia ‘Not a Partner’, Nordstream 2 off table?


BRUSSELS – In the latest development, the European Parliament has made a  major declaration. Now officially, the European Union no longer considers Russia its “strategic partner”. Primarily this was based on “the Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

This is stated in a new report on political relations between the EU and the Russian Federation. The European Parliament (EP) adopted this document today. 402 deputies voted for it, with 163 against.

The document enshrines the call of eurodeputies to stop the construction of Nord Stream-2, since the project threatens the European internal market and potentially increases the EU’s dependence on Russian gas, according to the EP document.

However, Germany has pushed forward with preparations to realize Nord Stream-2. Berlin has considerable weight within the EU. While both critics and proponents of the EU often point to Berlin’s disproportionate power within the EU, today’s development is a reflection of trans-Atlantic influence within the EU’s parliament.

The German company Siemens has declared that, to get around EU sanctions imposed from Brussels, it will begin to produce goods directly in the Russian Federation.

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At the same time, the EP recommended to prepare new sanctions against Russia. It was noted that the EU should be ready to introduce new anti-Russian sanctions for violation of international law, in particular, because of its interference in the affairs of Ukraine, Syria, and Libya.

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“The time for good and diplomatic formulations has expired. There are very few opportunities for cooperation while Russia continues to occupy a part of Ukraine and attack other European countries,” said EP deputy from Latvia Sandra Kalniete.

Earlier , the EU declared the need for a “reliable deterrent” against Russia . According to the US backed President of Latvia, Raimonds Vejonis, Riga has been observing “the clearly aggressive policy of Russia towards achieving geopolitical goals” since 2014. 

“Moscow will try to influence the elections to the European Parliament in order to strengthen its position and divide Europe.” This was stated by the President of Latvia Raimonds Veyonis in an interview with Spiegel.

According to Vejonis, Riga has been observing “the clearly aggressive policy of Russia towards achieving geopolitical goals” since 2014. He noted the need for a “reliable deterrent”, which will not allow Russia to “once attack another European country.”

Elections to the European Parliament will be held in the EU countries from 23 to 26 May 2019. Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump proposed to take from the allies an additional fee for the deployment of American troops.

“Trump voiced in private conversations with his assistants that the allies who receive American forces are not paying enough. He developed the formula” price + 50%, “the Washington Post interlocutors said.

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