MAJOR: ISIS Plans to Attack European Targets Revealed, says British Media


LONDON –  Mar 24, 2019 @ 17:08 – English media claims to have exposed that the terrorist group “Islamic State”, or ISIS, as they are losing control over Syria, have planned terrorist attacks in Europe. This much is said to be revealed in documents found in the territories liberated from the militants,  The Sunday Times reported .

According to the publication, the plan involves the use dormant cells located in the West, also known as sleeper cells, to carry out the attacks. In the last number of years, there have been a number of terrorist attacks in Europe.

The year 2016 was perhaps the most volatile, and came during the time that Russia was most heavily engaged in fighting ISIS in Syria. It is widely believed that these attacks were carried out in Europe with the intended outcome of stoking a ‘clash of civilizations’ discourse, in which European citizens would be more supportive of any NATO initiative to support US efforts in the Syrian conflict.

The authenticity of the report did not raise doubts among journalists, as reports, as they were allegedly taken from a hard drive abandoned by ISIS terrorists, which is also said to contain references to real names, the group’s financial statements, and data on real clashes that were confirmed to have taken place already.

On March 23rd, US President Donald Trump announced the complete destruction of the self-proclaimed IS caliphate in the territories of Syria and Iraq. While this news gives Syrians hope, insofar as it eliminates one of the primary justifications for the US entanglement in Syria, experts and analysts have long noted that it was the Syrian and Iraqi army efforts in conjunction with their Russian and Iranian allies that were able to eliminate the ISIS threat from Syria and most of Iraq.

The commander of the coalition forces, Colonel-General Paul Lakamera, said that the surviving ISIS terrorists are hiding in remote areas and camps for temporarily displaced persons. According to him, they are waiting for the right moment to act.

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