MAJOR: May out in 10 Days? Brexit Spectacle Cabinet ‘Conspiracy’ Against PM leads to Proposed Resignation


LONDON – Mar 25, 2019 @ 07:46 – British Prime Minister Theresa May can garner support for her version of the agreement on British withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) if she promises to resign; as much was reported by the BBC with reference to high-ranking members of the Conservative Party, to which May also belongs.

Members of parliament can support the agreement if they are confident that May will not be in power at the next stage of negotiations with the European Union. It is viewed that her style of deal-making does not garner trust, and that she has unnecessarily sabotaged her own efforts through what critics have called ‘two-faced bargaining’ methods. One issue was May’s insistence on a third submission to the House of Commons, after the house rejected two unchanged iterations of the same Brexit proposal.

At the same time, British newspapers report that Cabinet Ministers under May had conspired against her. According to The Sunday Times, this is a “full-fledged conspiracy,” in which at least 11 members of the government are involved.

“The end is near. She will leave her post in 10 days,” the newspaper quotes one of these ministers.

The conversation of the “conspirators” with May is supposedly scheduled for today, March 25th.

For their part, several conservative parliamentarians left statements in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, demanding the resignation of the prime minister, making known to the public the nature of today’s talks in their own words, unfiltered, before official reportage could make its way through the generally outmoded legacy media networks. Increasingly politicians have turned away from legacy media networks as they are notorious for misleading quotes, wrong attributions, and erroneous pre-framing of significant matters.

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What has been a general sentiment among both pro and anti Brexiter representatives, has been May’s alleged methods characterized as a ‘betrayal’.

– wrote member of the Conservative Party, George Freeman on his twitter.

May’s transitional post may be occupied by the head of the Cabinet Office, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, David Lidington . Among other possible applicants named are the Minister of Environmental Protection Michael Gove and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt , the newspaper writes.

Downing Street denies reports that the prime minister can be persuaded to voluntarily leave his post, a statement unlikely to be found convincing. May has relied primarily on legacy media and a general reliance on the status quo in building the specter of acceptability and support. Critics view her media campaign as generally failed, and her strategy of approaching Brexit with ‘moderation’ in what was clearly a ‘change mandate’ vote for Brexit, has left her not only opposed by anti-Brexiters, but entirely distrusted by the majority of voters who supported Brexit in the country’s major referendum on the subject. 


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