MAJOR: Tories are ‘Rats in a Sack’ in Political Fratricide – House of Commons Rejects All ‘Soft Brexit’ Proposals – Hard Brexit Imminent


LONDON – The House of Commons has rejected all eight options for a Brexit deal with the European Union.

According to the BBC, MP’s spoke out against the options proposed by the Conservative Party, expressing that the various proposals were either decidedly similar to one another, or were in fact regressive proposals. A regressive proposal is one which moves farther away from the types of changes proposed after the preliminary round of bargaining. Britain’s withdrawal from the EU without an agreement will take place on April 12, 2019. The House of Commons was unable to agree to: a Temporary Customs Union with the EU (Common Market 2.0 – ed.); maintaining the status in the European Economic Area and joining the European Free Trade Association; a permanent customs union with the EU, as well as agreeing with the EU on a two-year unimpeded flow of British goods to the EU markets, while maintaining budget contributions until 2020.

In addition, they did not support Labor’s plan for close economic cooperation between the UK and the EU, which implied a “comprehensive customs union” and “close cooperation” with the European single market, holding a popular vote on any of the options for an agreement with the EU, as well as the abolition of the Scottish National Party. Labor’s plan was ultimately viewed by both critics of a workable solution and by Brexiters alike as a back-door attempt to subvert the results of the popular referendum which mandated an exit from the EU. Because Scotland may use the Brexit as a case for a resurgence of a ‘Yes’ campaign to leave the UK and join, or rejoin, the EU as an independent state, Labor hoped to solve to problems in one fell swoop. Conservative MP’s have been troubled with negotiating a favorable Brexit that maintains its perks without its obligations, citing that “it is impossible to negotiate a deal with Brussels.”

Also, deputies of the House of Commons voted for securing new Brexit dates in British law. Now the United Kingdom, as the EU members have agreed before, will leave the bloc on April 12, if it does not vote by the end of March for one of the options, or by May 22, upon reaching a consensus. Conservatives are displeased with their lack of party discipline. 

“It’s like rats in a sack on the WhatsApp group today,” says one glum Tory Brexit-backing MP. “Everyone is turning on each other.”

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Another described the mood as “extremely bitter and very depressed” among many more mainstream Eurosceptic Conservative MPs who fear they are on the brink of losing the hard Brexit that was almost in their grasp.

Their ire is directed mainly at the 70 pro-Brexit hardliners who refused to back May’s deal on the second attempt. The holdouts won approval from their Conservative members who want nothing less than a no-deal Brexit and will be decisive in picking the next party leader.

Earlier, Teresa May announced her readiness to resign early if Parliament approves a Brexit deal agreed by her government with Brussels.


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