MAJOR: Ukrainian Armed Forces Fire On Each Other in Donbass

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MOSCOW –  Published on: Mar 19, 2019 @ 22:08 – In the Donbass a mortar exchange and gunfight between soldiers of a regiment the National Guard under the Ukrainian neo-nazi Azov battalion, and the regular Ukrainian Armed Forces was recorded, said the representative of the LPR People’s Militia, Andrew Marochko .
According to him, the incident occurred last night on March 18th. That major divisions between fighting units persist within the structure of the Ukrainian forces, is not only representative of issues of low morale, but deteriorating state security structures. These are hallmarks of a failing-state in the process of collapse. 
From the positions of the “nationalist regiment” Azov, “the area of ​​responsibility of the 54th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” was fired upon. During the half-hour skirmish, about 20 shells were fired, “supposedly 120 millimeters.”
Two soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died, another one was injured.
There is no information about the losses from the “Azov” battalion.
As Marochko noted, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “cynically hides the loss of personnel, including non-combat, from the public and the relatives of the dead servicemen.”

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The real number of dead in the ranks of the Ukrainian army during the clashes in the south-east of the country “is several times higher” than the figures declared by the headquarters of the Operation Combined Forces (EP), said the representative of the People’s Militia.
“The overwhelming death of servicemen is connected with non-statutory relations, suicides, explosions in their own minefields and exchanges of fire between the state’s units and nationalist units, which Naev (commander of the theatre, General Sergey Naev. – Ed.) carefully seeks to remove” ,  said Marochko.
Officials in the LPR have repeatedly noted the deterioration of the moral and mental state of the Ukrainian military. The security establishment conduct themselves with high levels of arrogance, engage in drunken showdowns and brinkmanship, break the rules of conduct on the treatment towards lower-ranking enlistees, which leads to desertion and suicide.


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