BAGHDAD – U.S forces are setting up new military bases in Iraq, particularly in the province of al-Anbar, to closely monitor the Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut resistance axis and to seize the large amount of gas present in this region. This will present a problem for resistance axis forces, and these moves go without the approval of the Iraqi government.

The Lebanese daily AlAkhbar reported that US forces were installing two new bases on the international road linking Baghdad to Damascus and Amman, defying Iraqi calls for their withdrawal from their country.

The first base is set to come into operation. However, preparations are also well underway to kick off the start of the 2nd installation. As for the Iraqi government, it has so far refrained from making negative or positive comments about this new development, which takes the form of increasing its occupational force. In the meantime, the various Iraqi factions in parliament are preparing to impose a law demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

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According to several official sources, the number of US forces exceeds ten thousand soldiers. They are spread over 13 military bases in addition to two new bases in Anbar province. Sources from Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi people’s forces/popular mobilization force) noted that “the Hashd mobilized in these areas with the beginning of the American movement in this area.” And went on to say: “the Hashd intelligence is intensively monitoring the 13 US bases”. “We have video recordings of their daily movements and a special report on the US military presence in the country,” the sources said.

Source : Translated from AlAkhbar for FRN

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