MUST READ: This is Why the War Against Yemen is the most Straightforward Conflict in the Middle-East

By Rune Agerhus


By Rune AgerhusChairman for the International Solidarity Committee With Yemen

[email protected]

Published on: Mar 14, 2019 @ 23:28

The war against Yemen is the most straightforward conflict of all the conflicts currently ongoing in the Middle East. Let me explain;

To narrow it down & simplify it, the narrative you’ve been fed by most corporate news media regarding Yemen is very misleading, at times even untrue & false. The narrative, although seeming critical of the Saudi-American Coalition & its actions, are at the same time legitimizing the Coalition, by continuously stating that they are targeting “rebels”. “rebel-held territory”, “Houthi rebels”, “Iran-backed rebels” etc.

The narrative is meant to vilify those who’re suffering the most. False headlines, followed up by vague statistics, gives a very odd image of the conflict to the western public. No westerner would care for a war & its casualties, if all they’re getting are statistics.

The whole “Iran-backed rebels” narrative have been debunked time & time again. It’s an untrue narrative, forwarded by former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, and recently by the High Command of the Saudi-led Coalition. They are using this narrative as a pretext of their disastrous war in Yemen.

But let me tell you something that might seem surprising to you: Iran has zero presence in Yemen. Zero. Underscored. Iran’s support for what is being called “Houthi rebels” is merely rhetorical at best. CIA even stated back in 2009 when the 6th Sa’adah war was coming to an end, that there has been no sign of material support from the Islamic Republic of Iran whatsoever, and that most brigades in what is rightfully called Ansarullah (God’s Partisans) receive their weapons from the local weapons markets, or even through 3rd parties from the Yemeni government itself.

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Why is the “Houthi rebels” narrative being forwarded, you might ask? It is, because the Saudi-led Coalition regard their presence as a threat to its existence. Ansarullah (“Houthis”) have stated time & time again that their greatest enemy is religious backwardness & extremism – i.e the likes of ISIS & Al-Qaeda. And who’s the main ideological & material supporter for these groups? Yeah, you do the math.

Ansarullah participated in the 2011 revolution for change, and then again in the 2013 – 2014 revolution against the corrupt leadership of president-in-exile Mansour Hadi. But they were not the only group in these revolutions. Frankly speaking, both revolutions were & remain bipartisan. Both revolutions were ignited with the common goal of overthrowing the corrupt authorities, and thus replacing them with a new government that is more just, more transparent & more democratic, in line with all other functioning & fair parliamentary democracies.

The whole conflict, initially, became more intense after Ansarullah & its supporting parties – primarily the Socialist Party, elements of the General People’s Congress & other nationalist parties – issued the Constitutional Declaration on February 6th 2015, that saw the House of Representatives abolished temporarily for a 2 year period, until a new government was formed – in line with the Yemeni constitution.

Today, based in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, there is a multi-party, bipartisan, fully-functioning government, with each ministry working tirelessly to keep a hold of a Free & Sovereign Yemeni Republic. Most of the government employees are almost working for free, since exiled-president Hadi moved the Central Bank to Aden, thus making payments to government officials obsolete.

The Government for National Salvation based in Sana’a is the most transparent government Yemen has ever seen. A delightful change after 33 years of authoritarian dictatorship under Saleh. And there is only ONE explanation to the fact that this government still exist since 2016 – Because the Yemeni people want it. The Salvation Government represents 80% of the total Yemeni Population, and they act in accordance with a Parliamentary vote.

I’ve had the delight to work closely together with its Foreign Ministry. And in the few years of my lifespan working in a semi-diplomatic field of activism, I must say that I find the Salvation Government very competent for the job they are committed to. Nothing less.

In conclusion: The notion of any “rebel forces” is absurd and does not hold true to reality on the ground. On the contrary, most armed forces acting under President-in-exile Mansour Hadi are mostly foreign mercenary groups, who’ve been held accountable for severe rape accusations – especially in Taiz according to latest reports by Amnesty International.

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