National Corps Strike Again – Force Poroshenko to flee from rally in Zhytomyr

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ZHYTOMYR, Ukraine – President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was once again forced to flee from a rally at which he spoke to potential voters, as the activists of the National Corps came to him. The head of state running away through puddles was photographed by the locals and these pictures became the most discussed ones in Ukrainian social networks.

According to, the nationalists, who on Saturday forced the president to curtail a rally in Cherkassy and fought with the police there, forced the president again to flee from yet another rally in Zhytomyr. After the rally was cut short by the neo nazi attackers, Poroshenko was forced to hastily leave the venue.

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In the comments under the pictures of Poroshenko’s escape, readers leave various comments. “Run, Lola, run! “, “Stole something “, among others.

In the Ukrainian city of Cherkassy police detained seven activists of the National Corps, including the head of the regional branch of this party, Dmitry Kukharchuk . The National Corps considers today’s attacks to be revenge for the actions of law enforcement officers who stopped them from attacking a rally on March 9th in Cherkassy.  However, by the evening of March 10, all five attackers were released from police custody.

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On March 9th, in the city of Cherkassy in the central part of Ukraine, the activists of the National Corpus tried to break through the police line where the president of the country, Petro Poroshenko, spoke during a pre-election rally. They were able to cut the rally short, and seize control of the stage, telling Poroshenko he must answer for his crimes and corruption. 

At issue, among other matters, is a corruption case in  Ukraine where Poroshenko is facing impeachable offenses, largely surrounding embezzlement of funds earmarked for better supplying the Ukrainian army.

Poroshenko and National Corps accuse each other of working for Russian interests.

During the clashes with police, two dozen law enforcement officers were injured, including the head of the Cherkassy region police department, Valeriy Lyuty on March 9th. We have no information about any injuries from today’s attacks. 

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