Nature vs. the Machine: Russia Looks to Train Eagles to Take-out Aerial Drones


MOSCOW – Russian law enforcement officers are interested in various methods which most effectively can neutralize the presence of unauthorized aerial drones. FRN reminds readers that in August 2018, a drone was used in the failed assassination attempt against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. 

Russian law enforcement experts are listing ways to shoot down civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. At the top of this list is the deployment of trained eagles, said David Gromov, an expert of organizational security. 

“There is a method of using birds, eagles. This is serious, it’s a trained bird that can take down a drone and land with it,” he said during a round table held in Moscow. Also, drones can be shot down with the help of a special network shot from the ground, using radio signal suppression from the operator or another drone, RIA Novosti reported today on March 5th.

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In early 2019, the State Duma submitted a draft law that allows law enforcement agencies to damage and destroy drones and suppress control signals with the aim of “suppressing the finding of unauthorized unmanned aircraft in airspace”. The adoption of such a law, as its authors believe, will increase the security of public events, transport infrastructure and communications.

On February 25, Rostec made public that talks had begun between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Kalashnikov company about deliveries of Russian KUB-BLA UAV to the Russian troops. On February 17th, Kalashnikov published a video in which they demonstrated the principles of their work .


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